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PARSEC System - the Diagnostics Laboratory Automation

The PARSEC System is a new, advanced architecture for automated clinical instrumentation, invented and patented by the IVAX Diagnostics, Inc. R&D Department, while directed by Dr. Giulio D'Urso.
The basic principle is quite simple: in spite of customers needs, which claim for flexible and variegated workplaces and processing, almost all the instruments available today in the diagnostic market are designed to accommodate a fixed type of workload, limited in quality and quantity. Instead, the PARSEC System architecture is based on well-defined interfaces enabling development of instruments designed to be modular, extensible, and open to future techniques; in other words, it's like a train, where you know you want to move, but you can easily choose "what" and "how many" items you want to deal with just selecting the appropriate typology (passengers, cars, fluids, stones, ...) and number of wagons to be linked to the locomotive.
The first implementation developed for this architecture is composed by three modules which together provide a Laboratory "ELISA" Processor (blood analysis for clinical laboratories), and is certified in accordance with IMQ/CE/CSA standards.

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