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Why do most companies try to invent the wheel?

Projects have been around quite a while - some say for more than 5000 years. But most companies either do not have a model for how to perform a project or, if they have, they have invented it more or less themselves.

One good thing is the PMI Standards, that help in developing a company standrda. But the PMBOK(r) Guide is not all that suitable to use as is.

When the topic moves to Program Management and Portfolio Management and the governance structure around all three Ps there is very little, indeed, in the companies.

You can continue to invent your own models, methodologies, templates etc - or you can start sharing what you have developed and help others.

One such attampt is the website: where you can find complete models and templates including governance processes for Portfolio Mgmt, Program Mgmt and Project Mgmt.

The idea is that all is free and using the Open Source concept, that is we welcome averyone to add their own stuff and share with others.

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Comment by Victor Hunt on June 9, 2010 at 10:55am
The main reasons companies keep inventing the wheel is because they do not know how much money they are losing by re-inventing wheels. My strategy is to show them how much money they are losing by not having a structured project management methodolgy. Experience shows that this strategy sooner or later produces improvement. Indeed sharing methodologies with each other will enhance this process.

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