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What is most important from a client’s point of view?

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. They regularly perform inquiries about how well Swedish companies succeed in their projects. It was established that almost all projects failed among the nearly hundred Swedish companies inquired. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Swedish companies’ project management is of poor quality. On the contrary, I would like to claim that they are very skilled in an international perspective.

If you ask the buyer of a project, what he considers to be the most important factor, he will most likely answer “that the ordered project turns out exactly the way it was expected to turn out”. The planning and follow-up of a projects time and costs is a constant subject for discussion within the world of projecting. The question I whether time and money really matters if someone who expects a red Volvo instead receives a white one?

To meet the client’s expectations or, even better, exceed them, is so much more important than if the product turns out to be slightly more expensive than expected or delivered two weeks later than planned. The only way to ensure a client’s expectations is by documenting, in advance and as precise as possible, what he or she demands. The most suitable way of doing so is for the client and the supplier to discuss and conclude the final outcome of the product or service. With a precise documentation of the order’s content, which I signed by both parties, a lot is gained when the project is about to start up.

A project is really about answering four questions in advance:

- What is to be done?

- Who will do it?

- How is it to be done?

- When is it to be done?

There are no simple mathematical formulae, software or other means that can replace the human input in a project. But simple (user-friendly) tools like my3plive facilitates work for everyone involved.

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