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What Does IT Gain from Six Sigma Culture?

No matter what industry you’re in or what kind of product/service you provide, one of the most important departments in your company is most likely IT. Information Technology is only growing in its importance too. You can expect this trend to continue well into the digital age as well. Therefore, while Six Sigma has shown it can create a culture that improves every aspect of a company, you may think your IT is just fine as it is. The truth, though, is that a Six Sigma culture could greatly enhance your already high-achieving IT department.

Put the Customer First

It can be pretty easy for your IT department to become segmented to the point that they almost forget about the customers your company works so hard to please. With a Six Sigma culture, though, your customers can get brought back into the spotlight. Your IT employees will begin seeing those as having the final say-so as far as their efforts are concerned.

For a lot of IT departments, this will be a big change, which in itself proves how important it is.

Better Integration

Furthermore, because of this new focus, you can expect that your IT department will become far more integrated into the rest of your company. As we touched on earlier, at the moment, IT departments all over the world are treated almost like separate organizations within the companies they serve.

This doesn’t just affect how they view customers—if at all—but also how the employees see coworkers in other departments. When it comes time to work together on projects, this “us and them” attitude is a huge and unnecessary problem.

Six Sigma culture will bring people together across departments and give them the same toolbox from which to work on shared projects and goals. Soon after the culture takes root, you may find that your company begins tackling more projects with a multi-department approach simply because it’s now a very real possibility.

Your IT Infrastructure Is Most Likely Hiding Serious Flaws

A lot of us associate IT departments with the height of efficiency. Their heavy use of technology would seem to mandate that every process and expenditure is tracked down to the decimal.

Of course, if you’ve ever worked in IT, you may have got quite the laugh from that last paragraph. More often than not, IT departments are swamped with a combination of bureaucracy and outdated processes. Both contribute to a department that, despite how important it is, can’t meet important goals.

Worse yet is the fact that your IT department probably has a number of flawed systems even the employees know nothing about. Six Sigma will help root them out and eliminate them. Best of all, by eliminating these issues within such an important department, you’ll most likely experience a domino effect of benefits.

Don’t put off taking advantage of Six Sigma because you think it wouldn’t work for your IT department. Not only will it work, but this famous methodology could work real wonders where this very important department is concerned.


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