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Use of a Task Management Software for Managing Workplace Conflicts

The perfect example of a workplace where everyone works in total harmony and where there is no workplace conflict among the employees now only happen in fairytales. Working in a team environment these days is messy as various scenarios arise daily which can make any simple task really difficult to complete as per all the stakeholders’ requirements. So gone are the days when you can complete a task without any external or internal hindrances in the work.

I hope you will relate to the above scenario no matter in which capacity you work or the type of business of your company. This is a truth with which companies have to deal now. Workplace conflicts are a reality and companies deal with it seriously so that to make sure their daily operations, monthly/quarterly targets and eventually future goals are met. One way to deal with this problem is through a task management software like TaskQue. Let’s discuss this aspect now.

Sorting out Differences between Departments:

There are many differences or issues which creep in between different departments in a company. Sorting these out and at the earliest is required in today’s fast paced business environment. There are several ways to improve this and one way is to sit down and talk. But the flaw with this process is that sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn’t. So there needs to be a solution that is totally error-proof. Task management programs specifically designed for this purpose are the key here.

Sorting out Differences between Individual Employees:

Just like the issues that arise between different departments within a company, same happens between individual employees too. For example, the rivalry, although healthy in the start, between two sales reps in a company can become nasty when the promotion or annual bonus is on the line. To make matters worse, these situations can arise out of the blue, especially at the end of the quarter/financial year. Again tools, softwares and programs are used in this regard to make sure everyone is on the same page and wavelength.

Making Conflicts Productive:

This is the main reason why companies are never afraid of conflicts because they can use it for productive purposes too. The role of the management is of real importance here because it is them who have to take into account the situation when it going from bad to worse. This can be really challenging for a company and especially to the clients. Let me give you an example so that you can understand this issue better.

A healthy rivalry between two top sales reps is good. But within days it can turn ugly regarding a same client. The scenario can turn to worst as both people start fighting over this petty issue. This can turn productive through the intervention of the manager/top management by resolving the issue and making sure both the conflicting sides are content with the decision. After this, both the top reps can work in harmony and combine their efforts to achieve even higher sales targets.

I hope this blog will make you understand this topic and how productivity management tools and softwares can help companies to avoid workplace conflicts and turn them into their favor.

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Comment by HOTMAIL on September 11, 2018 at 3:27am

At my work, we had had training on how to avoid discrimination when interviewing and hiring. The example they used was Hotmail. The stereotype was that people who used Hotmail  login were bad with technology.


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