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Do you feel stressed each and every day that you are at work managing your project?  

Here is the first in a series of STRESS TIPS to help you be less stressed at work.

Do you notice that you are always thinking about the things that you have to manage in the future?  You are thinking about the meetings, the issues, the risks, the PCB report, the unanswered emails you have, constantly.

The way to be less stressed and more productive is to focus on the next thing to do.
And, in focusing on the next thing to do, be fully present and focused on completing only that thing.

Here's an example of what I mean.  You have a meeting to attend.  So, take your agenda and materials for the meeting and focus whilst you take yourself to the meeting on taking yourself to the meeting.  Then when you arrive at the meeting, be fully present there in the meeting.  Don't let your mind wander to other things.  Be there, fully present, listening and giving those present your full attention.  Take notes.  Respond to the questions asked.  Be there 100%.  Then when the meeting is finished focus on going back to your desk.

When you get back to your desk what's the next thing you need to do?  Type up the minutes from the meeting.  So focus your attention fully on doing just that.  If by chance your phone goes whilst you are doing that, move your focus 100% from typing the minutes to the person calling you.  Give them your undivided attention.

You will be amazed at how it creates less stress in your day and you will be more productive.

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