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"The Lazy Project Manager" to be first PM Book Club study!

The Project Management Book Club is pleased to announce that best-selling author, Peter Taylor, has agreed to participate in our first book study, "The Lazy Project Manager."

The lazy project manager illustrates how anyone can apply the simple techniques of lazy project management in their own activities in order to work more effectively and consequently improve work–life balance. This ‘productive laziness’ approach builds on the Pareto principle that states that for many phenomena, 80 per cent of consequences stem from 20 per cent of the causes. To put it simply, only 20 per cent of the things people do during their working days really matter.

Inside this book readers can discover:

  • The intelligence of laziness – why smart, lazy people have the edge over others;
  • Why the Jungle Book’s ‘Bare Necessities’ should be the productive lazy theme tune;
  • How to get the maximum output for a minimised input;
  • Quick tips to productive lazy heaven.

In addition, the author provides some interesting (and entertaining) things about eating dinosaurs, wearing ermine cloaks, and how to spot a psychopathic woman at a funeral. Also find out why you should never go ballooning, how to deliver a good Oscar acceptance speech, and why it is important for your team that you read the newspaper each morning. And yes, you may also learn some, quick, simple but important things about project management.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to study and discuss "The Lazy Project Manager" with author Peter Taylor. Join PM Book Club today!

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