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Well PMadvice is on track to release another great course in February, our new Software Testing course will teach even the experienced tester a thing or two, and once again it will be an Online Internet based course allowing anyone in the world with an internet connection and a PC to take the course. Our Business Analysis Course will be ready in March, so watch this space budding Analysts for your chance to fast track your career with an injection of vital skills and hard earned experience.

So, where does everyone stand in this crunch, well we are finding that some companies are cutting staff, but many are realizing that with less resources they need better performance, and our online training courses are well within everyone’s budgets be they an individual, contractor, small or large company and don’t think low cost means poor quality because in our case that could not be further from the truth. Our costs are low because our business is international, when your audience is many millions of people your price point can be set low as our overheads to delivery each online course are low, much lower than face to face.

So, we are busy working on the next two courses, and after that, what courses are next. Well, we have to directions to go in, firstly to grow the portfolio of courses, secondly to allow deprived countries to access the courses, so we will be starting talks with the governments of some of the less fortunate countries to negotiate special discounts for those less fortunate, this is something I am very excited about.


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