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Letting you all know that now the project contacts, documents and todo:s are in easy reach for anyone with an iPhone (and a project running on Projectplace). You can watch a promo video on YouTube:

YouTube: Projectplace for iPhone

I'm biased, of course, but I can tell you that after some weeks of using this application I couldn't be without it. Now I need to be able to reach a project contact even when that contact isn't synchronized to my phone's contact list. And I am quickly getting used to being able to read up on a project document while commuting or just waiting for a meeting to start. The iPhone is a totally excellent document reader for most common formats, like Microsoft Office, PDF:s and of course images.

We made this application at a direct request from our users (and because we thought it was a fun thing to do). Now when people in our community learn about the iPhone app, they start to request that we make versions for Blackberry and Windows Mobile too. We're on the ubiquity track now, so those requests makes sense. What do you think?

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