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Do you read books about project management? Do you want a way to study project management books online with other project managers and project team members? Then the Project Management Book Club might be for you!

The Project Management Book Club is the online book club for project managers and project teams. But it isn't just another online book club. The Project Management Book Club is different in two ways:

First, as the title implies, the Project Management Book Club focuses on studying books about project management to help project managers and project teams study and discuss project management topics.

Second, the authors of project management books directly participate in the online book studies and discussions! That's right... you get to study WITH the book authors and ask them questions to further expand your knowledge about the project management topic of study.

So how does it work?

The process is simple. In collaboration with its members, the Project Management Book Club picks a project management book to study, they set a starting date, they purchase the book, and then they discuss the book in the members only online forum. In addition, all previous book studies are captured and archived so members can go back at any time to review discussions about project management books studied in the past.

However, quite possibly the best part of the Project Management Book Club is the connections you will make with other project managers and project team members. The Project Management Book Club brings together people from around the globe to study and discuss books about project management.

To learn more, visit the Project Management Book Club.

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