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Couple of years back mobile computing has been the focus for technology breeders. All top technology leaders are thriving to bring smart phones and tablet PCs to the best. These gadgets are probably the most popular demand by the consumer market these days; because we want to access up-to-date information on the go anywhere anytime (AWAT).

These gadgets have influenced our ways of life in many ways and lot of excitement is floating in the air.

Today I want to highlight how these devices have changed the way we used to study and prepare for exams/interviews.

Because of my mobile in my pocket, I can take pictures and make video’s of my loved ones AWAT (anywhere anytime) similarly I like to study AWAT. Utilizing the dead time is the bonus of life. Dead times can be different for different people but common dead times are like traveling from home to office and way back Or during lunch breaks or waiting for someone. We can utilize these time only if we have the study material with us…. This is now possible because of these gadgets. We can have eBooks, podcasts and study applications ready for these dead occasions to be converted into fruitful benefits.

As this forum is for Project managers, I will talk about the PM study aids. One of the way, is to have Podcasts in your mobile device for the PMP topics to be listened and clear concepts with golden tips from the guru. One which I have personally used and highly recommend is podcast from Mr.Cornelius Fichtner The topics are so well explained in simple English that when you will pass the exam you will say thank you from bottom of your heart J.

Other then casts, there are many applications which are developed for the AWAT. Out of many apps I also reviewed PMP resource app. I found this app to be complete (refer ) which can be downloaded to iPhone/iPod/iPad and is available in Apple Appstore. The price of this app is amazingly down to earth compare to the value this app has. It starts from basic information about the PMP certification and goes through all process groups, 9 Knowledge areas with ITTO explained in simple way. It also challenges the knowledge of the candidate of each knowledge area with an exam at the end of each knowledge area.The knowledge area exams and process group exam game are perfect for learning on the GO. Candidates easily memories the ITTO and process groups anywhere anytime (AWAT). The app also contains PMP formula calculator which lists all the formulas necessary to remember and explain what these are about. I found this as a fantastic study material for preparing PMP exam and am highly recommending the same.

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