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Insights of Measurement System Analysis (M.S.A.)

Measurement System Analysis (M.S.A.) is a testing/validation method for measurement system used by any manufacturing & service industry. One question here arises that what is measurement system, in general speaking a measurement system of any organization are the equipments, operators & both (equipments & operators) which organization uses to measure the performance of their product/services to comply with the quality standard e.g. If any industry is manufacturing the mobiles there can be multiple quality parameter for a single mobile device just suppose one of the quality parameter of produced mobile is the weight of the device than it will be mandatory to the industry the weight of the mobile device should be as per said standard weight & if it is not then it will be a defect. In our example the weighing machine which will use to measure the weight of each produced mobile device unit is our equipment and the person who is observing the reading from that equipment that is our operator. In a typical measurement system either equipment/operator or both equipment & operator will present.

In M.S.A. the main work will be the validation of measurement system, i.e. equipment/operator or the equipment & operator both. Lets try to understand that how measurement system can publish the wrong results just suppose that someone want to check his/her blood sugar level, while actual blood sugar level of his/her blood is 90 mmol/L (mill moles per liter) the blood sample which is collected by the physician when checked in the lab equipment shows a blood sugar level 120 mmol/L so this is the mistake of the equipment in place of 90 mmol/L it is publishing the result of blood sugar level 120 mmol/L this is an equipment error on the contrary, might be equipment will show the actual result of blood sugar level i.e. 90 mmol/L but  the operator who is observing the result might record a wrong result for his records, It’s also possible that both equipment and operator would publish wrong results on the same time.   


In MSA Training Program one can learn how to validate that the existing measurement system of any organization is working properly. The MSA training program Noida will give you an insight of the measurement system’s actual performance and further guide you whether to work on equipment or operator. Depending upon the data for study different MSA technique such as Attribute R&&, Test-Retest & Gage R&R can use to validate the measurement system and on the basis of observed result the measurement system is validated. MSA or Validation of measurement system’s credibility will further help in different statistical and analytical analysis.

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