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The following PMP® exam sample question is taken from the Free PMP Exam Simulator (The answer is at the very bottom):


You have just been assigned as the project manager for a research project that your company has been awarded. As part of the execution of this project for your customer, you will be carrying out major statistical research in all of the major cities in your country. Your project sponsor, who is also the CEO of your company, has asked you to prepare the Project Charter and get it signed by him. However, you discover that the project Statement of Work (SOW) does not exist in a formal, documented form. This is a very important input to the Develop Project Charter process. Where can you get the formal, documented project Statement of Work?

A) You should create the project Statement of Work yourself since you are the project manager    
B) You should look for the project Statement of Work in your organizational process assets    
C) You should ask your project sponsor to provide you the project Statement of Work    
D) You should ask your customer to provide you the project Statement of Work

Hint: Who provides the project Statement of Work for an external project?

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Answer and Explanation:
The Correct Answer is D. For external projects, the Statement of Work is usually developed by the customer as part of a bid document, (e.g. request for proposal, request for information or request for bid) or as part of a contract. Your customer should therefore provide the Statement of Work.

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