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The following PMP® exam sample question is taken from the Free PMP Exam Simulator (The answer is at the very bottom):


You are managing a feasibility study project, investigating the feasibility of constructing a dam in your country. The project needs to be analyzed from technical, economical, and social points of view. You have created the project charter on behalf of the project sponsor, and it is now approved. What should your next step be?

A) Develop Project Management Plan    
B) Identify Risks    
C) Identify Stakeholders    
D) Create WBS

Hint: You should complete the project initiation processes before moving on to the planning processes.
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Answer and Explanation:
The Correct answer is C. Identify Stakeholders is the process of identifying all people or organizations impacted by the project and documenting relevant information regarding their interests, involvement, and impact on project success. This is the second project initiation process after the Develop Project Charter process, and needs to be performed before starting any of the planning processes.

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