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The following PMP® exam sample question is taken from the Free PMP Exam Simulator (The answer is at the very bottom):


You are managing an electric works project. You are required to design and deploy the electrical network for an airport construction project that is underway. Your project is part of the airport construction program your company is undertaking. A number of other sub-projects, such as building and runway construction, and communication network deployment are part of the program. Due to the inter-project dependencies, your sponsor always seems panicked and in a hurry to do everything. Which of the following classification models should you choose to analyze the impact of your project sponsor as a stakeholder?

A) Power/Interest Grid    
B) Power/Influence Grid    
C) Influence/Impact Grid    
D) Salience Model

Hint: This model analyzes stakeholders based on their power and urgency.

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Answer and Explanation:
The Correct answer is D. The Salience Model analyzes stakeholders based on their power (ability to impose their will), urgency (need for immediate attention), and legitimacy (their involvement is appropriate).

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