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Featured Review: Mind Mapping with MindMaple for Project Management

Mind mapping is an ideal tool for project managers to organize and effectively manage all the facets of their projects.  In addition, mind mapping allows project managers to tackle projects in a nonlinear process further increasing creativity and productivity.  A new mind mapping software, MindMaple, has emerged which takes the extra work out of project management while simultaneously increasing productivity.  

A common struggle in project management is juggling the administration aspect of the project which is time consuming and can take away from higher level areas of project management.  MindMaple has a friendly, straightforward user interface which provides both the structure and creative freedom to decrease documentation time and organize information efficiently.

Here are just a few of the ways MindMaple can be used to manage successfully:

  • Notes in Meetings – MindMaple allows you to place topics and branches anywhere on the map, so you can quickly map out the information and then go back later to organize it using symbols, colors, and other features such as priority and task icons.
  • Nonlinear Discussions and Brainstorming – When teams are generating plans and ideas in a group, it is nonlinear.  Rather than typical lists, MindMaple provides the templates to allow people to expand on ideas, resulting in better plans, objectives, and strategies.  In addition, team members will be more captivated by the map’s visual display and can add to the map with symbols and text.
  • Objectives – You can use MindMaple to map out project objectives using priority icons. Roles and Responsibilities – You can map out roles and responsibilities of team members and use colors and icons for clarity.
  • Links to Resources – Instead of having separate files with links, you can put all your links on one map.
  • Export to Diverse Formats – MindMaple enables you to export to  Powerpoint®, Word®, Excel®, Html, TXT, image files and PDF files.  

Project teams can also share their maps for easy collaboration and sharing. To try Mindmaple through a free trial, please visit their website.

The image below is a sample Mind Map from MindMaple, demonstrating its use as a mapping tool for complex projects. regularly features reviews, articles, and press releases from leading companies in the project management field. This featured article is a paid promotion for the services described. Please make every effort to perform due diligence when selecting products and services for your business needs and compare information from a variety of sources.

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