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Featured PMP Exam Lessons Learned from Scott Gillard, PMP

This week's featured lessons learned comes to us courtesy of Scott Gillard.

In this lessons learned Scott Gillard shared with us the lessons he learned later that he wish he had learned weeks ago with regards to The PM PrepCast.

I first started my studies with only the PMBOK guide. After reading the first chapter several times, I was completely at a loss for retaining the information. Then I focused on going through The PM PrepCast videos and my PMBOK Guide has been sitting on my desk. My thought was I'd re-attempt to read it after the videos.

During the Human Resource section I wanted to review something that was mentioned in the PM PrepCast against the PMBOK guide. Trying to find the topic, I still had the Prepcast running at the same time. I noticed something that, for me, was a light bulb that went off. You can almost follow the PMBOK guide page for page along with the PM PrepCast. There's times Cornelius almost says the sentence verbatim. So, you ask.. "what's the point? I might as well read the PMBOK guide then..."

To read more of his complete experience, please follow this link:

Until Next Time,
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
President, OSP International LLC

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