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Debunking the myths about Agile Project Management

Let us talk about agile, and Agile, in the project management world. This is a series of short videos about Debunking the myths about Agile Project Management. At this time, we have ten videos, and we will add them to this post, as we go live with them.

Let us talk about agile

In this first video, in the series on debunking Agile Project Management, we discuss why we are launching this series. Keep in mind, Agile Project Management is a myth.

In the summer of 2017, my publisher and I were deciding on the title for my latest book on CAMMP™. We chose a bold title to reflect the need to go beyond the annoying, frustrating, one-sided debates on agile and waterfall. However, a year later, today, the situation is worst. The online platforms, like LinkedIn, are cluttered with questionable posts on Agile and Waterfall.

Why do we say one-sided & questionable?

Because all of them are to promote Agile and often by people who do not know what Agile or Waterfall mean. We hear things like “Agile is eating the world”, “the Agile Revolution”, “trust me, let’s go Agile”, and even the silly “have an agile day” from a person who promotes emotional intelligence and agile. Some of these people even call themselves Agilists, making this thing as a religion.

Therefore, we decided to do this short-video series, 1 to 4 min, on the subject. To keep things short, these videos will build on each other, and each will clarify one point.

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