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About Daniel Dawkins

Daniel Dawkins was born on January 11, 1979 in Queens, New York. With this trickery world and his unstable lifestyle, Mr. Dawkins managed to become more than just a statistic. In 1989 Daniel lost both of his parents at the age of 10 years old, two months apart to be exact. His mother died of cancer and HIV. His father died of a massive heart attack at 62 years old. His father was 20 years older then his mother. Daniel’s mother was a well respected lady in the community. Crack/ Cocaine hit the streets and his mother fell victim to drugs. His father keep the family together as much as he could, with so much going on at one time lead to many stressful days. Daniel watched his father fall to the bed and take his last breath. After that Daniel moved to Brooklyn with his grandmother who then also pasted away two years later. He is the youngest of nine kids, three girls and six boys. At the age of 12, Daniel was introduced to the street life which became his second home. Daniel would ride the trains all hours of the night and come home when he felt he needed to. Without the guidance and supervision of an adult. Daniel managed to survive on New York City streets. One of the hidden mystery’s about Daniel that he kept inside all his life was his lack of education. Reading, writing and comprehending was the darkest of his down falling days. Mr. Dawkins had passion for success and knew he was destined for greatness, which led him out of the darkness to now see the light. As a young man Daniel stood out amongst his peers, but life did not come easy at all. Mr. Dawkins started out as a run away child in search of love and comfort. Having no one that he could trust and the pain from the lost of his parents turned him to the street life. Daniel had many homeless days as a teenager. In the winter, Daniel found an opportunity to shovel snow to make ends meet. Talk about a rough life for a child to experience. Daniel kept praying and striving to one day over come all his hurtles.

At the age of 18 years old, Daniel Dawkins new he had to change the way he was living his life. There were only three ways out- dead, in jail, or the business man that he is today. All of Daniel’s life he stayed in trouble and getting kicked out of school. Mr. Dawkins was never a violent person, he was just so ashamed that he could not read so he keep getting himself kick out of class and school so no one would find out he could not understand how to comprehend. One day Daniel decided to give the old him back to the streets and sign up for job corps. When Daniel started his program at job corps, which was one of the most changing times of his life. He took up a carpentry trade and attempted to get his GED. Daniel has taken the GED many times only to get the same failing score. One day Daniel started to walk and think, and all in one process he started to cry, yell and punch. His words was “why can’t I read, I hate being like this. God please help me, guide me. I want more for my life.” He was at a rage. He was kicking the dirt and punching the air. Daniel went to his room and could not stop crying. The next day he went to class and grabbed as many books on reading and comprehending as he could, Daniel was determined and to this day it really paid off. After being in job corps for eight months, Mr. Dawkins completed his carpentry trade but not his GED. Daniel felt the first accomplishment in his life and was now ready for the work world.

In the back of Daniel’s mind he new he had to get his GED. Daniel always wanted to be a doctor but people told him he was not smart enough and he felt the same being that in school he would get 5% and 10% correct on his spelling test. Daniel was really good at hiding his inner feelings. Daniel has a heart of gold and he lives his life helping other people to the way of success. He will give you his last. Daniel is a square and honorable man by nature. After working for two years in construction, Daniel decided he wanted to start his own business. He was only twenty years old. With no education, Daniel taught himself on learning the ends and outs of business from trail and error. At the age of thirty Daniel has proven himself and now knows he can do anything he puts his mind to.

Mr. Dawkins is married with four beautiful kids, three boys and one girl. Mr. Dawkins has been married since 2005 and has been with who is now his wife since 2001. Daniel is a family man and a great father to his kids. Over the past three to four years, Daniel has been studying and working hard to past his GED. It took street smarts to start his construction company as he would say and now he says it takes education to end his company. Mr. Dawkins is not ashamed of his education back round anymore and is seeking help to this day. Mr. Dawkins accomplished the biggest hurdle of his life at the age of thirty. Daniel Dawkins has passed his GED in January of 2009. Mr. Dawkins has been real successful over the years. A home owner, a business owner and had all the material things any man could want for his family, but that did not mean anything to Daniel like getting his GED at 30 years old. Daniel has failed the GED test more than 50 times to now overcome this victory, and he is now on his way. Thirty days after receiving his GED, Daniel went and enrolled himself into college in February of 2009.

Daniel Dawkins is an awesome illustration of what a man with nothing can have if he envisions it for himself. Mr. Dawkins goals are to finish his first two years in college for supervisor development and business management. Daniel believes that while going to school for this degree will strengthen his current business and later to become a doctor. After Daniel gets his associate degree in management, he will finish his bachelor degree in biology. After he completes his first four years in school, Daniel is gearing up to switch gears and going to medical school to become a brain surgeon. Daniels words today are that he master being a house doctor and now it’s time to master being a medical doctor. Being a surgeon is something Daniel dreamt of being all his life. With his past behind him there is only one way for him to go and that is up. Daniel started writing a book on his life and he is almost done. The book of transition will be coming soon.

Daniel’s plan is to have his construction company operating on it’s own in eight years. By that time he will be coming out of school. He is going to now dedicate himself in the hospital saving lives. Daniel is working on his plan to start his own bank and building schools all around the world called transition to empower the people in every community. Daniel Salem Dawkins is a true testimony to life and a firm believer that with faith in the most high and motivation to drive yourself will only give you one thing, a positive result. In life you get what you put out.

Brooklyn City Living Coming Soon.

Dawkins Bank Trust will soon be the future to all your banking needs

The school of transition coming to a neighborhood near you.

Keep looking out for the book of Transitions. (The true life story of Daniel Salem Dawkins ll)

Soon to be, Doctor Brain Surgeon Daniel S. Dawkins is building the new world green.

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