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6 Fundamental Aspects of Project Management That Makes It Unique and Challenging

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an upfront question: “Project management unique in which category?”  Most of us know definition of project- as stated by PMBoK™. The answer is: There are certain aspects that set project management different from all other management activities. The other management activities can be managing routine things, conducting class, organizing training or workshop floor activities. Let’s look at which things separates project management from other management activities.

1.      Every project requirement is different, its scope is different

Project scope, project requirement for each project turns out to be different. As project manager work with stakeholders, it realize that the specific aspects like context, technical requirements, resources, situations are different from previous project. This makes each requirement unique and it needs to be managed with unique approach.

2.     Each project resource has different pace of doing work, and different career aspiration

Each individual resource working in your project team will be different. They have different pace of learning, different pace of doing work. Even they will have different aspiration. To have aspirations is natural and obvious for team members. It is indeed a real challenge for project manager and for higher management, to align these individual’s pace of learning, pace of doing work and their aspirations with project objective, delivery timeline and to maximum outcome as possible.

3.     There is a constant pressure to deliver project

This may appear as a common trait across all the project; it is true hence it makes project management unique on its own. The pressure is to deliver project on time, on budget, with a stipulated quality and of desired outcome. Such a constant pressure to deliver project, makes entire project team to remain on its toes.  

4.     Each stakeholder is different, so are its expectations

As you work on new projects, most likely stakeholder will be different. Working with different stakeholders like customers, vendors, employees or management can be a frustrating experience or fun-filled one; but it will always be a learning experience. Working with different stakeholder makes it a people learning exercise like literally understanding different personalities.

5.      Constraints of resources, cost, timeline make it pressing and interesting to work

There has been and will remain scarcity of resources (human, financial, technical, etc) to deliver projects. Almost every project manager has to deal with limited resources (budget, human, infrastructure, etc.).  And that is what makes a project manager’s job challenging and interesting. There are unique challenges that a project manager has to face and at the same time, he/she needs to focus on meeting project objective and making it easier to work for a project team, maintaining a healthy ‘working environment’ 


Every project is different, , every day of a project is different. Can you deny that?

In all these uniqueness of these projects and all these challenges, you can take technological advates with project management software like ZilicusPM to bring consistency in the project planning and execution processes, giving you clear visibility about project delivery and health.


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Josh is engagement manager at Zilicus, the technology company that offers online project management and collaboration software: ZilicusPM. It helps organization to excel in project and portfolio management by providing executive management with a clear visibility of project-portfolio status; making it effortless and seamless for project team to stay on top of its activities, collaborate and update project progress. 

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