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5 Ways to Become an eCommerce Project Manager

The future of business is through E Commerce as most of the companies now do business online as it has a number of advantages as compared to the traditional way of doing business. The role of a project manager is of great importance for companies indulged in eCommerce. If you are also planning to become an eCommerce project manager, this blog will teach you how to become one in 5 simple ways.

1. Brush up your Web Design Skills:

The web design skills should be exemplary if you aspire to become an eCommerce project manager. You role is not just facilitating them in running a website. You must have hands-on experience in designing aspect so that you can have some say in the designing of the website. At basic level, you should know some programming too or enough information about it so that you can have a clear idea what’s going on in the development of a website.

Some proficiency in Java and PHP, for example, can be good for eCommerce website development as you can always learn with time to have good experience in this regard.

2. Develop and Manage Databases:

The database for any company is important as all the information and leads about prospective customers and current customer’s data will be stored there. As an ecommerce project manager, you need to know exactly what should be the size of the devices in which that data is stored. Furthermore, the backup and security issues are also a big concern for any business entity running an online business. So as a project manager, one of your many duties will be to continuously monitor this aspect too.

3. Email and Social Media Aspects:

You need to learn how to create and send emails, newsletters, announcements and press releases, to name a few, to entice current and prospective customers. Although you may not be actually writing them but you will be administering the task. The social media aspect too is another factor you need to master before you can apply as an ecommerce project manager in any company. Your role will be utilizing the resources well and that’s why it is imperative you learn and master these skills before you look to find a job in this field.

4. Optimize Traffic:

It would be termed as a cardinal sin for you if you are not being able to optimize the traffic well. After all, after all the efforts, if a venture’s website you are running won’t get the desired traffic and visitors, then the whole point of running that website would be failed. Several SEO and PPC techniques are used in this regard and you should have intermediate level know-how about these aspects.

5. Managerial Skills:

Last but not the least, managerial skills and how to run a large team of people having diversified skills is a necessary skill. If you want to become a good project manager, managerial skills are absolutely essential for your success in this role. Marshalling your team towards success will be easy if you know how to manage a team in this regard.

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