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1-Page Life Management: A One-in-all Tool for Personal Development and Project Planning

For many years, I've experienced a dichotomy between personal productivity tools and tools for formal project planning. Sure, there's an overlap between tools for personal development and formal project planning. However, tools for project planning are not commonly applied for personal development including "getting things done" and tools for personal productivity are usually not applied in the context of project planning. In short, there's a chasm between tools for personal development and tools for project planning. I've discovered that scalability issues exist in the frameworks for personal and project planning.

Well, recently, I sought to close the gap between personal productivity and project planning and developed a visual tool called "1-Page Life Management." This visual tool, which is an application of the Project Storyboard technique, presents a scalable framework for personal development as well as project planning. However, 1-Page Life Management focuses on achieving greater success in life. 1-Page Life Management seamlessly integrates the framework of David Allen's "Getting Things Done (GTD)", Stephen Covey's "The 8th Habit", and Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret". Classic ideas of project planning are also embedded in the framework of 1-Page Life Management.

Below is a set of slides introducing the tool of 1-Page Life Management.

1-Page Life Management: 8 Strategies for Achieving Greater Success ... - Get more Business Documents

More information on the Project Storyboard, the tool upon which 1-Page Life Management rests, could be found on the following page:

Well, that's all for now. I'd be glad to hear your feedback.

Rod King, Ph.D.

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