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Patrick Weaver's Blog – October 2011 Archive (4)

Learning from your Mistakes

I have had to confront a couple of different aspects of people getting things wrong recently. The experience triggered 2 or 3 thoughts……

The first was the advice given last century by (from memory) Fred Daly MP to a new member of parliament ‘always leave the back door unlocked’ – no matter how sure you are of the correctness of your position in an argument always have a way to back out gracefully.

Every one wants to employ experienced people but very few employers…


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Is good project management software enough?

What constitutes ‘good software’? A recent blog by ‘Dan the Project Management Man’ reminded me of an on on-line survey that looked at purchaser’s satisfaction with project management and business analysis software tools. Only 1.2% of the 270 respondents felt their software purchase had exceeded expectations and another 9.3% felt the software had met all…


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Earned Schedule

Earned Schedule (ES) is emerging as a valuable tool in the overall management of projects. In our view, the ES methodology provides a valuable adjunct to, and a useful sanity check of, the ‘critical path’ (CPM) schedule developed for a project, for very little effort - provided the project has implemented Earned Value Management (EVM).

Using the same data as EVM, ES ‘scales’ the remaining duration of the project based on the volume of work accomplished to date compared to the planned…


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CPI Stability Myth

There is undoubtedly the equivalent of an ‘urban myth’ still in circulation within the general project management community, arising from US Defense based research from the early 1990s, that the Earned Value (EV), Cost Performance Index (CPI) always stabilizes at the 20% completion and the final outcome will be within 10% of this value and usually worse. This myth has been extended by some authors to all projects in all industries; and I would suggest that this is demonstrably false in at least… Continue

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