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Featured Blog Posts – August 2012 Archive (13)

Project Controls

Describing scheduling, Earned Value and financial management as ‘project controls’ is dangerous! The steering mechanism on a car is a control system, you move the steering wheel and the front wheels turn; and if the car is in motion its direction of travel is altered. Real control systems cause a change.

Altering the duration of a task in a schedule, or calculating the current CPI and EAC for an Earned Value report changes nothing. All you have is new data. If the data is going to…


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See it in my blog!

It is normal for teachers and speechers who emphasize planning techniques being challenged by some types of arguments:

- Very cool this technique, but does it work in real life?

- Interesting, but my daily routine…


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The resourcing conundrum

In almost every organisation I have worked, I have seen the dilemma of resourcing in an optimum manner. Every services organisation will try to get maximum utilisation of their staff. This is how you make good money. As Murphy would have it, there is never the perfect synergy. Either you have too much work and not enough people, or the exact opposite – too many people sitting around twiddling thumbs.

Re-published from my blog Project…


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Project Life Cycle (PLCMCC) Management Core Competence

It has been my experience that core competence in Project Life Cycle (PLC) management can be summarized in the following -  OKD. TradingSystemsPM.docx 


I – IT Standards Compliance and  Business Needs

1- Implementing Standards…


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Project Management Lessons Learned in the Kitchen

When you encounter a great project manager, you usually know it. They typically have a sense of calm because they understand deeply what’s going on in their projects, and they have confidence in their ability to address issues, risks, and opportunities as they come up.

Now, let me change just two words: 

When you encounter a great cook, you usually know it. They typically have a sense of calm because they understand deeply what’s going…


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10 Mistakes Which are Common in Project Management

Christopher Scordo (PMP, ITIL) is a published author and Managing Director of SSI Logic (, owners of the popular PMP training website, PMPerfect.  Visit PMPerfect for the latest on PMP exam prep, live online classes, and self-paced PMP courseware. 


“To err is human”, and project managers are no different when it comes to…


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Off Your Game?

“Jason, did you know we were waiting for you in the conference room down the hall?”

Jason looked up from his desk and then at the clock and realized that yes he did know. Somehow he just forgot. He spent most of yesterday afternoon preparing for this budget meeting. He felt really odd about being late, there was no specific reason for it, he just kind of spaced out.

During the meeting Jason found he had a difficult time concentrating. He misread some of the numbers. At one…


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Management by Walking Around

Do you know the person responsible for your unit or organisation? Do you have any idea about what he considers important or what is important to him for success of the organisation? Or do you only come to know about it by proxy through your line manager? Too many questions to start today’s post. My readers will question me for covering a topic that is more to…


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High Performance Project Management

A number of surveys over the years, including Attributes of a High Performance PM - 2007, by the Corporate Executive Board:  have found very little correlation between project management certification and project management effectiveness, or the number of years a person has been in project management roles and project management effectiveness.

The drivers for project management…


Added by Patrick Weaver on August 18, 2012 at 2:26am — 4 Comments

Agile’s Business Failure

There has been a robust discussion on the value of Agile as a software development methodology for several years now.  Accepting for a moment the potential improvements in software delivery promised by Agile are real or at the least Agile has the capability to substantially improve the success rates of IT projects (which should not be too hard given the latest Gartner report) one has to ask why its acceptance has been so slow?  I suggest the answer is the lack of effective…


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Understanding Change Appetite in Organizations

Projects are temporary activities that allow the organization to implement a business change. The word change is the operative word. A Project Manager is responsible for delivering the outputs that will enable the desired business change to take place – within the tolerances afforded to him in the areas of – timeline, cost, scope, quality, risk and…


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How do I forecast resource requirements in Project Server

I have been looking at various ways of resource forecasting to the executive and the board. We are a typical professional services company. There is so much work we can take on and also another minimum amount to ensure we have enough to keep all staff busy. This is a delicate balance to handle. Any decision to hire new staff cannot be made simply on a hunch. A seasonal spike needs to be adjusted by moving out some other projects or sometimes by getting in some contractors. However,…


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Do the Right Thing

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Mark Twain


Of course people are not surprised when YOU do the right thing. More often than not you are the person who does the right thing. How do I know this? You are reading this message. You are voluntarily receiving notes and articles about handing conflict at work and about compassion in the workplace and about building your strength of character.


Still the…


Added by Margaret Meloni on August 6, 2012 at 7:56am — 1 Comment

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