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Governance Themes in MSP

One key element of the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) methodology is the concept of Governance Themes. These nine themes constitute a governance or control framework for programme management. The MSP manual presents guidance for handling each theme in the form of ‘Best Practices’, which have been developed through consultation with professional programme and project… Continue

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Conservative Groups FUD Tactics -- I'm so Done

I don't get it. I mean...I don't mean to get off on a rant here but...

The American for Prosperity Foundation will be launching a $1.7M television-advertising campaign that negatively likens the U.S. healthcare system envisioned by the lawmakers to Canada's publicly administered system.

First, I have not heard any press reports that provide any details from the Obama Administration nor the Senate nor the House as to what is going to be proposed; except snipets that there… Continue

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Politics and the PMBOK

My Blog - The Politics of the PMBOK.htm

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Topic for College Essays: The Benefits of Social Networking Sites in Project Management

College essays have evolved from its old, formal and boring self. University instructors and professors want students to add some spice to their coursework by writing about new, timely and relevant topics. They also want students to write about what they are interested in. Examples of these kinds of topics are microblogging and… Continue

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How Valid HTML Code is Crucial to Search Engine Optimization

You should know first that majority of web pages are done using HTML. Like every language, HTML utilizes its own set of syntax and grammar and every document written with the use of HTML should follow rules accordingly. However, since HTML constantly undergoes change, it has become sort of a complicated issue. People now easily commit HTML errors and when the HTML code produced doesn’t follow the set of official rules, it becomes an invalid HTML code.

Search engines need to parse your web… Continue

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How to Use Title Tags to Improve SEO & Website Conversion

Title Tags are among the most important website elements that be manipulated to improve your search engine rankings and general website conversion. It may just appear like a small HTML code but in reality it is like a secret SEO charm that you should capitalize on.

Search engines use title tags to determine your website’s relevance and display it in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Title tags also appear as your hyperlink and this is what visitors see, it acts like your website’s… Continue

Added by john havari on May 27, 2009 at 8:14pm — 1 Comment

Green, Yellow, Red, Blue project status?

Several weeks ago I was asked if I could attend a meeting with Program Managers where we would discuss what a Program Manager was in our organizations.

We all had a slight twist to how we defined a Program Manager and we had an excellent discussion about our individual tools and methodologies.

One item I found interesting was one group had status updates included the color blue (the normal is green, yellow and red). Blue meant the project needed to be resuscitate to get it… Continue

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How to Use HTML Meta Tags?

There may be a thousand search engine optimization factors, or there may be lesser, but one thing is for sure, the more you address the known factors, the higher is your chance of topping the SERPs.

One of these factors is the proper use of HTML Meta Tags. HTML Meta tags play a lot of search engine relation factors, including website description, crawl rate, indexing, keywords, robots and others. But just how do you use HTML Meta Tags? Read on.

Meta… Continue

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Who Actually Hires?

Who Actually Hires?

A survey by outplacement firm, Drake, Beam & Morin found that 88% of HR managers rely on Internet job boards and online applications to fill positions. Another recent statistic in the Wall Street Journal reported that humans reviewed only 2 – 25% of the resumes today’s extremely competitive job market hundreds of job candidates apply for a single advertised position.

Many employers and recruiters report that they view only the first 50 or so resumes… Continue

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Cost Savings

There is no other time where delivering results is more important than now. And no other time when getting more from your budget is also crucial. This is why we have introduced these Fixed Price Consulting and Fixed Price…


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Get Your Developers Pumped About Project Management Now!

Yep, that's what I said.

This is a great presentation of how one firm utilizes SCRUM in the real world. Jim Kinter and I have both written about SCRUM on before, and I think this video does a wonderful job of giving you a feel for it. It's also played to some hip music. I was a developer once, and unless I'm wayyy out of touch already, this is COOL!

This is also a shout-out to the PMClinic… Continue

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Having a User Friendly Website?

The main objective of any website must be to offer its visitors with a fulfilling, informative and pleasant experience. Whatever is the market of the website, the users’ opinions will play a key role in determining whether a website is successful or not. Visitors who had a pleasant experience will most likely spread the word and invite other to check out the website. Needless to say, the needs and wants of a user must be the top concern in developing a website. It should therefore be attuned to… Continue

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How to Design a Successful e-Business Web Page?

Online marketing has surely cemented its spot in the world of business. Owners and entrepreneurs alike recognize the value of targeting clients online. This is why your website should be at par with your business’ print literature, if not even more enticing. Creating a successful e-business web page is not rocket science, it should not be taken for granted either.

You should make a web page that is favorable to and aids your advertisers. Make rotating ads or utilize specific… Continue

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Project Managment for iPhone

Letting you all know that now the project contacts, documents and todo:s are in easy reach for anyone with an iPhone (and a project running on Projectplace). You can watch a promo video on YouTube:

YouTube: Projectplace for iPhone

I'm biased, of course, but I can tell you that after some weeks of using this application I couldn't… Continue

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Does Your Project Team Fall Prey To These Common Productivity Killers?

The dangers of multi tasking to project teams has never been more so. Now we have additional online services and mobile devices to deal with. What I wrote about back in January 2007 about Multi-tasking, Covey, and TOC is even more applicable now. Your project schedule should drive priorities, not a false sense of urgency in adhoc daily tasks.…


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Hardware Agnostic, Intelligent Data Archiving and Storage, meeting regulatory and compliance Requirements- Short 30 minute webinar

Learn how you can spend a little of your storage budget and gain up to 5X the storage savings, optimize data management, and meet long-term regulatory and compliance requirements for your file-based and SharePointR data.

Data growth is out of control. Despite the high cost of primary storage, the explosion of government regulations, and the expense of managing data and storage, IT is under tremendous pressure to lower costs, improve response time to legal requests, and archive data… Continue

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Increase your Companies Revenue-CommCore Hosteed IP Solutions

I work with Channel Partners who sign up across America to sell our VoIP services to there clients but they are still missing the big picture if VoIP can save there clients 30-40% over traditional on there phone service then why not move them to the other hosted IP solutions as well. Off-Site Backup is another you lose the cost of the onsite tapes and hardware needed by your customer and the usual cost per gig of storage off-site is between $1-$2 dollars it is cheaper than what a customer was… Continue

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"Develop Your Skills? Hey, You're Just Lucky To Have a Job!"

I recall speaking at a national sales meeting back in early 2002 (a difficult time for many companies who were still digging out from 9/11). I hung out for a while afterwards for a meet and greet and decided to stay for the next session, which was led by the VP of Sales. He started talking about the new commission structure, which was clearly not being embraced by the sales team. In frustration the VP eventually blurted out, "Hey, if you don't like this--go get a job somewhere… Continue

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Methodology - the first step towards project management?

I do not believe that any formal methodology is the first step towards being a good project manager. Methodologies are just tools to gain speed and be more productive, they cannot be the foundation. First step is to get yourself organized, create trust by adding value in whatever you do and develop good network by working with people. You need to love your work (not only for the pay check) and to have energy and passion for what you do, which motivates people who work with you. Now, everything… Continue

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