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Value is in the eye of the stakeholder

The only purpose of undertaking any business activity is to create value! If undertaking the work destroys value the activity should not be started.

Any value proposition though is ‘in the eye of the stakeholder’ – this is rarely solely constrained by either time or cost. Effective value management requires an understanding of what is valuable to the organisation and the activity to create value should be focused on successfully delivering the anticipated value.…


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"The Lazy Project Manager" to be first PM Book Club study!

The Project Management Book Club is pleased to announce that best-selling author, Peter Taylor, has agreed to participate in our first book study, "The Lazy Project Manager."

The lazy project manager illustrates how anyone can apply the simple techniques of lazy project management in their own activities in order to work more effectively and consequently improve…


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Project Management Book Club

Do you read books about project management? Do you want a way to study project management books online with other project managers and project team members? Then the Project Management Book Club might be for you!

The Project Management Book Club is the online book club for project managers and project teams. But it isn't…

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Avoid Communications Chaos

We have so many different ways to communicate with one another. We can pick up the phone and call using either a land line or a cell phone; we can send an email or a text using our computers or our various handheld devices and we can ‘tweet’ and ‘friend’ and make all kinds of connections AND we can still send a written note on an actual piece of paper. Does having all of these options make communications easier? Not necessarily. Sometimes we still experience communication…


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Remove Barriers to Change

Even though we know all know change is needed, it can seem as if many of our change initiatives take a long time to adopt or completely fail to take root. Here's why:


Even the most motivated employees will fail to change

when we do not remove the organizational barriers that make changing difficult.


Boulder blocking road


This is the focus of John Kotter’s fifth step, “…


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Remove the 'subjectivity' out of your project cost reserves.

Here’s a common Project Manager story: You, the Project Manager is creating the budget for your project. Your high level WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is ready and you have the high level estimates needed for a budget baseline.

 As a smart Project Manager, you will add a contingency (20-25%, which is common practice nowadays) to account for unknown events that may add to your cost. In that way, you save your project from going over budget. So far so good.

It seems like you…


Added by Anand Chittoor, PMP, CSM on March 1, 2012 at 3:46pm — 1 Comment

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