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Welcome to Virtual Global Services Inc. View My Blog VGSi is a Business Processing outsourcing (BPO) with a client-focused approach to offshore services. As an American company based in Nevada, we…

Welcome to Virtual Global Services Inc.

View My Blog

VGSi is a Business Processing outsourcing (BPO) with a client-focused approach to offshore services.

As an American company based in Nevada, we have in depth knowledge of US operations allowing us to effectively create client-specific services that really identify with your business, address your client’s needs, and bring- in real results.

Through strategic operation, premium human capital… Continue

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Are You Near Orange County CA and Wanting Effective Job Search Information?

Tuesday evening, March 24 I will be presenting in Irvine, CA to the Orange County IEEE-PSES Chapter (a professional engineering group) on "The View From the Other Side of the Desk, What HR and Management Want to See in Resumes and Interviews." Please go to for more information and to register. I hope this will be of some help to those in the SOCAL area in these challenging times!

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Why Should They Trust You? Podcast interview with Dr. Nick Morgan, author of Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Trust

We spend plenty of our time as project managers facilitating meetings and presenting to stakeholders. What if we could be more effective? What if there were some things we could do to help people trust us more, better understand the points we're making, and perhaps more often agree with us?

Communications guru Dr. Nick Morgan shares insights from his book Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Trust on this episode of the People and Projects… Continue

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Let the Client Be Your Project Leader

Customer-driven project management uses the voice of the client as a guide at every turn of the project's life cycle to achieve optimum quality.

Project teams that put the interest of their clients are assured of repeat businesses and long-term relationships. They know that at the end of the day, their processes and methodologies are established to meet clients’ expectations. And meeting clients’ expectations hopefully means satisfaction.

It has always been the goal of… Continue

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Introduction: CommCore Hosted IP Solutions

Hi! My name is Chris Hobgood and I am with CommCore Hosted IP Solutions. I know with everything going on these days in the economy people are looking for ways to retain and our modify the income for there companies. All of you as Project Managers have the ears of the owners and the people in charge. What are you thinking is this a sales pitch yes in away CommCore is looking for Resellers through out the U.S.A. for our VoIP Phone Service it creates a 30-40% residual income for our resellers plus… Continue

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Networking is an important part of career development. Think about it for a minute. Have you or someone you know of received a job because they know someone at the company? Many companies now favor this since it gives them an opportunity to hear a bit more about the person then what is written in their cover letter and resume.

There are many ways to put yourself into networking environments. Many times if you are a member in different societies (example: Project Management Institute)… Continue

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Project Manager To The Rescue by

Original post by Brad Egeland at

Your organization is involved in a project that is in disaster mode. Whatever happened to get that way may have not been anyone’s fault. Or it may be the Project Manager’s fault. At any rate, the PM’s head is the one that rolls and now you’ve been moved into the role of PM on this apparently sinking ship. What do you do?

This has probably happened to most of us at some time or another…I know it’s… Continue

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Interview with PM Karma

PM Karma has caught the attention of many; the blog is as successful as the blogger himself. I fortunately had the chance of talking to Sreejith the blogger (over the web), and listen about his strategies. His strategies and experience can help many more I thought and wanted an interview with him which he graciously agreed to.

Steppingintopm: What would you consider as the secret of your success as a project… Continue

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Come join me at the Better Software Conference in June: Save up to $600

I'm excited to be delivering a keynote and facilitating a day long leadership tutorial at this year's Better Software conference, June 8-12, 2009 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. To check out the program, visit

Now in its sixth year, Better Software delivers the latest… Continue

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"I'm not cheating! I'm showing my genius!"

I couldn't help but see the irony of two headlines on my browser homepage this morning. The first is a reference to Bernard Madhoff, that he will plead guilty to swindling people out of billions of dollars through his Ponzi scheme.

How refreshing. Finally, a criminal who isn't claiming he's a victim....

The second headline reads "Why Student… Continue

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Networking, blogging, Social media is a must

So many are getting behind the times...
the next generation is all about the internet
Join us at
we train for free how to do some of these things and
I think it would be beneficial to many here.


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Contractor Life - Time is Money

This is a series of posts on Contractor Life. The others are:

1. Life as a Contractor

2. Show Me The Money!

3. Office Politics

4. Admin Overhead

5. Time is…

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PM War Stories #24 – How to Create a PMO and How to Maintain a Successful PMO through an Effective Project Portfolio Management Strategy

Please go to the following URL address to listen to the PM War Stories podcast:

Creating a Project Management Office (PMO) requires a large commitment on the part of an organization in centralizing and streamlining its project activities. Often the creation of the PMO overshadows the actual maintenance and success of its function. In fact, 25% of PMOs typically fail in the third year of their existence. Given this… Continue

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Team Building ...

Team building is a necessary part of every project. Whether it is team building activity during a meeting or getting the team together to do something at an outside event. Many times team building events help your team to refocus on the project.

This past week I organized a hot dog social for my team. The event allowed everyone on the team to come together to talk about things other then the project and leave with a full tummy and ready to keep the project moving on!… Continue

Added by Ryan Endres on March 8, 2009 at 5:42pm — 4 Comments

Recession: an opportunity

Most countries are officially in recession by now. This technically means 2 consecutive quarters with negative growth. That cannot be said of China who still enjoys about 6% growth, that is nevertheless too low to absorb the flow of new workers coming out of universities.

2008 kicked off the recession, 2009 – if we are lucky – will be the bottom of it. We are in it for the long run, and maybe from 2010 we will see a very stagnant world economy, producing no growth for a few… Continue

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Most organizations that conduct R&D as an integral part of their business utilize a New Product Development (NPD) and Stage Gate Review (SGR) process that allows opportunities – pipeline, life cycle management, business development – to enter the Portfolio and progress until termination or launch. A generic NPD & SGR process is comprised of 6 stages and gates, each gate possessing prescriptive decision criteria that allows an opportunity to progress to the next stage. To be sure,… Continue

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Consultants, Interims and contractors.

There is a lot of chatter in the market about consultants, contractors and interim managers. Hopefully I can kick-start some discussions on the key differentiators of each, and the roles that each can play. While not specifically Project Management oriented, I believe that PMs can operate in any of the three roles, and need to understand the difference to position themselves properly.

This post contrasts consultants and interims.

Historically, specialist consultancies and… Continue

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Get FREE on-demand training and 16 PDUS by buying Project Professional 2007

Folks, this is a great deal that just launched today.

Get FREE on-demand training ($349 value!) with the purchase of Microsoft® Project Professional 2007. Completion gives you 16 pdus and prepares you for the Microsoft Certification exam 70-632.

This packaged solution includes Project Professional 2007 and FREE on-demand learning for just $799.

You'll get:

• Project Professional 2007

• FREE on-demand training (a $349 value)

• 16 PDU credits… Continue

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How about a really fast and really simple planning tool?

At Projectplace we feel the need for Yet Another Planning tool (code named "Yap").

This is of course partly because our solution so far lacks a planning tool since we've always been focusing on Project execution. Our users often use some "external" tool, export the plan a MS Project XML and the import it into our system. Other users are fine with using Excel for scheduling. When… Continue

Added by Peter Strömberg on March 4, 2009 at 5:31am — 1 Comment

Searching for what you need using Social Media

We are all searching for something almost 90% of the time. Either we are searching for our next job, an old friend, new gossip, etc. Even though we are all searching for different things we can all use the same tools to find what we need/want.

Did you know that you can use Social Media for almost all your searching needs?

Check out my latest blog that is posted at The Talent Buzz for more… Continue

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