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Using N-Squared Diagrams for Project Planning

Introduction -I claim Risk Management is the number two reason for projects not meeting expectations, after Team Dynamics, the primary reason. I have described Risk Management in detail in my book “The Manager’s Guide for

” and given additional details on methods for Risk Management in

previous postings on this blog. Therefore I don’t address risk…


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So you’re a Project Manager? Your team are your customers!

A recent and heavy focus on Customer Service and the importance of building relationships with your clients, has prompted me to write a little blog on Project Management, and how building relationships in the same manner as customer service should be a priority for all PM’s (actually…it should be a priority for anyone in management).

picture of a project manager drawing a flowchart

If you do happen to be a PM, you’ll know about that war story that keeps circling your social PM group every Friday at the bar.…


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Figure out what makes your work complicated - Supporting your estimates with a Complexity Model

In my last article on estimation, I talked about creating consistent estimates by establishing a scale, where for every type of work you do, and for a range of complexity levels (i.e. low – medium – high), you record pre-set values that can be plugged in to your estimates. What I was in fact describing was a complexity model. In this article I will describe how as a team you can build your own…


Added by Cindy Vandersleen on February 17, 2010 at 7:54pm — 2 Comments

Planning an Enterprise-wide Issue Management Platform

Implementation advice for rolling out an enterprise-wide issue management platform supporting diverse teams and external participants.

An enterprise-wide issue management platform should typically facilitate capture and tracking of defects, tasks, quality checks, support tickets, change and feature requests from multiple locations, departments and even… Continue

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Building Your Conflict Resolution Skills? Consider these tips.

For many of us becoming comfortable with conflict is part of our continued personal development. Here are three tips for you to work with as you continue to make

peace with conflict.



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Techniques for Creative Team Thinking: Attribution Analysis

Attribution Analysis is a great method to use when you need to guide your team through the exercise of generating ideas. In the process, you may challenge some of the assumptions you’ve made about the nature of the problem you are trying to tackle and the realm of possible options you have for solving it.

Again, I will reference Team Troubleshooter: How to Find and Fix Team Problems by Dr. Robert Barner for a description of Attribution Analysis: “With this technique,…


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Is this project management heresy? Probably...

Call me crazy (others have), but I am opposed to organizing scope in phases, at least at the highest levels.

One of the mistakes I've pointed out in the past is the phase-based organization of a work breakdown structure. What I have seen it cause in the past is to take the focus off the real output of a project (the deliverables). It's been one of my biggest lessons learned from my own mistakes in project management.

This has been met with some opposition. I haven't been… Continue

Added by Josh Nankivel on February 12, 2010 at 12:02am — 4 Comments

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