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January 2010 Blog Posts (25)

Tim Bryce - Passwords - 1/29/2010

My latest column is "PASSWORDS" - and how we manage them.

"In this age of the Internet, we have all learned the necessity of using passwords to safeguard our identity, our credit cards and bank accounts, travel planning, etc. Come to think of it, just about everything on the Internet now requires a password, even if it's free. They can get rather voluminous and difficult to remember, particularly if you have no control over the assignment of the password. Unless we are allowed to use… Continue

Added by Tim Bryce on January 29, 2010 at 3:07pm — No Comments

Can a Project Manager become the next CEO?

I have seen that for many years, even decades, that CEO's hardly ever came from a project or program management position. The next CEO was mainly coming through three different channels (either from within but also from outside):

a) from Finance (if the company required cost containment and/or cost cutting)

b) or from Sales/Marketing (if the company had to increase their top line and focus on business development)

c) or from R&D/IT (if the company was highly technologically… Continue

Added by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez on January 29, 2010 at 8:29am — 2 Comments

How to Successfully Closeout a Project

Project closeout is critical, yet for one reason or another, it's an area that's often left loose at the ends - with the potential for disastrous consequences.

Professionals who closeout properly create significant benefits for themselves, their organization and for others - better success prospects for future projects, increased employee motivation, better customer relations, improved attractiveness to repeat and new business and so on...

A good closeout process… Continue

Added by Mark Ridgwell on January 28, 2010 at 12:12pm — No Comments

Warehousing and Transportation

Hi Fellow members,

Are there any members out there who are involved with, (or has been,) projects dealing with Warehouse/Transportation start ups/shut downs please?


Added by Neil Waterhouse on January 28, 2010 at 3:27am — 2 Comments

MoSCoW Prioritisation technique for Project Managers

I have received a query about project scheduling technique and thought of sharing this simple yet powerful priortisation technique: MoSCoW

MoSCoW is a systems development technique owned by Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) Consortium. In a typical systems development project, it is not possible to guarantee to deliver all the scoped requirements in the agreed time frame to the end-users. However, the end-users are paying for the development and is expected to know what will… Continue

Added by Dr Anthony Yeong, PMP on January 28, 2010 at 12:42am — 4 Comments

The future of project communication…

History has shown us that communication in project management has changed over the years and it will continue to change.
If we look back 25 plus years, project management was mainly done by face to face meetings and telephone calls. Project information was kept in a “Project Room” that held items like the WBS, Gantt chart and other paper…

Added by Ryan Endres on January 27, 2010 at 8:15pm — 4 Comments

Techniques for Creative Team Thinking: Affinity Diagrams, Brain Writing and the Plus/Delta Technique

In my last blog, I talked about the Nominal Group Technique, a quick and painless way to guide your team through a brainstorming task. Each team member gets a stack of Post It notes (or index cards or scraps of paper or whatever is available) and 5 or 10 minutes to silently and anonymously write down as many ideas as they can think of, with one idea per note card. When the time is up, the meeting facilitator (i.e., the Project Manager – you) collects the artifacts, reads them all aloud, and,… Continue

Added by Susan Lyle Dodia on January 27, 2010 at 7:19am — 2 Comments

Tim Bryce - Intelligence - 1/26/2010

My latest column is "INTELLIGENCE" - how do we distinguish it?

"There are primarily three traits we admire in people: physical beauty, physical prowess (such as an athlete, musician, or someone with a specific skill set), and intelligence. Of the three, intelligence is perhaps the most awe-inspiring and perhaps the easiest to fraudulently emulate. I think I can count on one hand the number of true geniuses I've met in my walk through life, but aside from this I have met some truly… Continue

Added by Tim Bryce on January 26, 2010 at 7:21am — No Comments

Waterfall, RUP and Agile: Which is Right for You?

Despite signs of life in the economy, the realities of software development persist. Most companies and customers need their software yesterday with the most advanced features at the lowest possible cost. To accomplish these seemingly contradictory goals, developers seek to streamline production with fast, effective processes that can give the customer what he/she wants in the shortest time possible.

These realities and past development failures have led to a shift in software… Continue

Added by ExecutiveBrief on January 21, 2010 at 12:17pm — No Comments

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

One of the most perplexing dilemmas of any project portfolio process, a catch 22 really, is how to estimate the size of the potential candidates being submitted before the selection board. The catch 22 is that the selection committee wants an estimate of how much the project will cost before they can make a decision on whether to approve of it. However, no work has been done on the project yet to define the scope or requirements to know what work would be necessary. In fact the team that could… Continue

Added by Cindy Vandersleen on January 20, 2010 at 1:44pm — No Comments

The 5 Goals of a Project Manager

These goals are generic to all industries and all types of projects. Regardless of your level of experience in project management, set these 5 goals for every project you manage.

Goal 1: To finish on time

This is the oldest but trickiest goal in the book. It’s the most difficult because the requirements often change during the project and the schedule was probably optimistic in the first place.

To succeed, you need to manage your scope very carefully. Implement… Continue

Added by Sam on January 20, 2010 at 7:56am — No Comments

Tim Bryce - Project Audits - 1/19/2010

My latest column is "PROJECT AUDITS" - a necessary evil?

"When you complete a major project, it is a good idea to conduct what is called a "Project Audit." The idea is to document what went right and wrong during a project and, hopefully, learn something beneficial from the experience. Surprisingly, few companies take the time to perform such an audit. If the project was successful, they want to move quickly to the next assignment. If the project was a disaster, they want to bury and… Continue

Added by Tim Bryce on January 19, 2010 at 7:18am — No Comments

Techniques for Creative Team Thinking: Nominal Group Technique

If you are like most people charged with running a meeting, you find the same group dynamics are in play meeting after meeting after meeting. You have someone who won’t talk and another who won’t stop talking and everyone else falls somewhere in the middle.

Dr. Paul Paulus at the University of Texas at Arlington has studied and written about group task performance and creativity. He has determined that groups are less productive than individuals, if left to their own… Continue

Added by Susan Lyle Dodia on January 14, 2010 at 6:00am — 2 Comments

How to Create a Communications Plan

Send the right message - to the right people - at the right time.

If you manage projects, then you will know that to succeed, you need to communicate clearly with all of your project stakeholders. Otherwise your staff will lack clear direction, team morale will be low and your project may deliver over schedule and exceed its budget.

To make sure that your projects communicate effectively, we have described here...

How to Create a Communications… Continue

Added by Jason Westland on January 13, 2010 at 8:19pm — No Comments

Tim Bryce - Planned Obsolescence - 1/12/2010

My latest column is "PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE" - Why do we build things with automated countdowns to destruction?

"Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium was opened in 1970. At the time, it was considered "state-of-the-art" and easily accommodated two professional teams as their home, the Cincinnati Reds (MLB) and Bengals (NFL)... The point is, Riverfront was an excellent example of planned obsolescence. Architects knew the stadium would be demolished and replaced before a nickel would ever be… Continue

Added by Tim Bryce on January 12, 2010 at 7:45am — No Comments

How to Manage Projects Step-by-Step

Projects can often be chaos. To remain focused and achieve success, you need to work in a step-by-step manner. That way, you will have complete control over every action you take. So read on, to learn....

How to Manage Projects Step-by-Step

You have a choice in how you manage projects. If you manage in an unstructured fashion, then much of your time will be spent fire fighting and trying to control the project scope. This is known as “project chaos”.

Instead, if… Continue

Added by Jason Westland on January 12, 2010 at 6:15am — No Comments

Risk Management in the Snow

We had a LOT of snow over the Christmas holiday. A LOT.

NOT the vehicle I drove around in!

Having barely made it out to my in-laws for my birthday celebration (and even more Christmas presents for my 3 spoiled sons) we stayed the night because it was getting worse and the snow plows weren't going to be out until the next day in that area.

I wouldn't have driven back on Saturday… Continue

Added by Josh Nankivel on January 12, 2010 at 4:00am — No Comments

Good Requirements are the Key to Project Success

There are many things that go into making a project successful. In fact, there are so many that you often can’t pinpoint just one. It can depend on the type of project, your company, your team, and your customer. However, one thing is for certain, a project with few or no requirements is destined to failure. Why is this? Because there is no yardstick to measure it by. There is no playbook to follow. One might even say that with no requirements you really don’t have a project. All you have is an… Continue

Added by Jason Westland on January 9, 2010 at 3:00am — No Comments

Tim Bryce - Brycetitized - 1/8/2010

My latest column is "BRYCETITIZED" - what happens when a sound idea is put out to pasture.

"I went looking for a word in the dictionary and couldn't seem to find what I wanted. Consequently, I invented my own, "brycetitized," to describe a common situation we all experience from time to time, particularly in the workplace. Let me explain..."

Click to READ MORE.

Hope… Continue

Added by Tim Bryce on January 8, 2010 at 7:58am — No Comments

WBS – Why Be Scared?

Some people think of those 3 letters and hold up the sign of the cross as if to ward off vampires. For some reason this seems to be one of those areas of project management work that meets with more resistance than most from beginning practitioners. I’m often asked “Do we really need to go to all the trouble of creating one of those?” There seems to be confusion about what a WBS is and why anyone would need one, and generally speaking a lot of fear about the effort involved to prepare… Continue

Added by Cindy Vandersleen on January 6, 2010 at 10:06pm — 5 Comments

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