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How Do You Get Participants to Do Their Pre-work BEFORE the Meeting?

The Problem:

We’ve all attended meetings where participants were asked to read a document, do some research, or conduct some other “homework” prior to the meeting but very few people actually did it. Obviously, the intent of assigning the pre-work is to ensure that all attendees are prepared which should result in a quick, efficient meeting… right???? Wrong!!! Too often some attendees don’t complete the assignment as requested which drags down the entire group. Before you lead your next… Continue

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How Do You Effectively Manage Time During Project Meetings?

The Problem:

Let’s face it – one of the reasons why many people hate attending meetings is that they too often drag ON and ON and ON with no end in sight! We’re all frustrated by the meeting leader who drifts casually from one topic to another during the meeting with very little regard for time. Not only does this waste everyone’s time but it also irritates participants (who may become turned off and hesitant to participate in future meetings). You don’t want to be one of those meeting… Continue

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How Do You Help the Group Reach Consensus When They Just Don't Agree?

The Problem:

Do you ever feel that you’re herding a group of feisty cats instead of leading a meeting because your team members simply can’t agree? Well, take comfort in knowing that this common problem plagues most meeting facilitators at one point or another. Indeed, if your group is disagreeing vehemently (but respectfully), that’s a sign of healthy conflict…congratulations, you’re likely on your way to some great ideas and solutions! Unfortunately as meeting facilitators, we often need… Continue

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How Do You Manage the Rambler When You're Leading a Meeting?

The Problem:

Does your group ever find itself engaged in a deep conversation on the viability of one vendor over another when you’re supposed to be prioritizing a list of requirements that have to be finalized within the next two hours? Worse yet, sometimes, groups allow themselves to become sidetracked by the latest office gossip, personal discussions, or anything other than what they’re supposed to be covering on the agenda. Too often, the meeting leader anxiously sits on the sidelines… Continue

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How Should the PM Handle a Dominator During a Team Meeting?

What Do You Do When Someone is Dominating the Discussion?

The Problem:

Everyone has experienced “The Dominator”. This is the person in the group who seems to be taking over the discussion. Sometimes they are just over zealous talkative types…other times they are overly aggressive personalities sucking up all the air in the room. Unfortunately, sometimes they seem to talk over others and won’t let them express their opinions or ideas. As the facilitator, we’re expected to help… Continue

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What Should You Do About PDA Distracted Team Members During Project Meetings?

How Do You Deal With Participants Who Are Distracted By Cell Phones/PDAs During Meetings?

The Problem:

It’s the ugly side of technology…cell phones, pagers, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries – Oh My! How do we compete with all of these gadgets when we’re trying to lead a meeting? What’s a meeting facilitator to do???

Try these techniques….

 Bring it up as an issue early and get the group’s consensus on a ground rule

 Use facilitation techniques that… Continue

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Tips for Getting Team Members to Follow Up on Action Items...

The Problem:

Too many meeting leaders struggle with team members who don’t follow up on action items thereby slowing down the progress of the overall team. Worse yet, this negative behavior can undermine the credibility of the meeting leader and spread throughout the rest of the team. Before this happens to you, try a few of these techniques…

Try these techniques….

 Document all action items on a flip chart or whiteboard so that they are visible to everyone

 If… Continue

Added by Dana Pigford Brownlee on October 19, 2009 at 3:50pm — 1 Comment

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