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More Career Opportunities With Construction Project Management Courses

Construction project management on the other hand refers to managing projects in the area of the construction industry. As a project manager, a person is expected to handle the various processes involved in construction project management. Because the role is quite specific, project managers can perform better if he enrolls in various construction project management courses.

The internet has made it easier to get an online…


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Project Costing in 5 Easy Steps

Picture the scene: you’re a manager for a web agency. You’re sitting in a meeting with your boss, describing two new potential projects. The projects will bring in the same amount in revenue, but you can only take on one with your current team. How do you decide which one? While there may be other considerations, knowing the cost of each project will help you make a better decision.

How do you figure out the cost of a project? In…


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Business Value Toolkit & Balanced Scorecard

Understanding the total cost of IT is all about understanding the cost and business impact of new and existing IT investments.  Business leaders want to see how IT investments link to business strategy and want to know which investments lower costs and have a higher impact.  Strategic alignment, value measurements and prioritization helps company’s make good investment decisions.  Don’t waste your money on expensive software!   This toolkit gives you everything you need…


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How To Become A Project Manager (Infographic)

As an online project management tool, we're usually focused on how project managers can better manage their resources, how they can use priority-based scheduling for multiple projects, and what they can do to keep their project team… Continue

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Scrum as Project Management

by Kevin Thompson, PhD

Experienced project managers, trained in the formal practice of project management, can be forgiven for feeling that they have entered the Twilight Zone on first encountering Scrum. While Scrum is a “process framework,” optimized for managing software projects, almost nothing about it seems familiar to someone with a PMP certification. And yet, if Scrum is about project management, its concepts should make sense to “classic” project managers. How can we…


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The Agile Development Story: Scrum Meets PMP

by Crystal Lee, PMP, CSM

Do you know what a Scrum is? Wondering if you should try Scrum on your next project?

If so, you’re not alone. It seems like everyone in the software development community is buzzing about Scrum. In this article, we will present basic principles and remove some of the mystery around Scrum, compare Scrum with current Project Management practices, and go over some tips if you are thinking of using Scrum for the first time.

Despite the recent buzz,…


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Optimizing Django database access : some ideas/experiments

As we added more features to BootStrapToday, we started facing issues of performance. Page access was getting progressively slower. Recently we analyzed page performance using excellent Django Debug Toolbar and discovered that in worst there were more than 500 database calls in a page. Obviously that was making page display slow. After looking at various calls, analyzing the code and making changes, we were able to bring it down to about 80 calls and dramatically improving the performance. …


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BootStrapping Project Management- a simple & sensible way!

BootstrapToday - a Project Management solution with an uncomplicated and practical approach to managing projects. The solution is developed by Sensible Softwares and already bootstrapping projects in more than 200 companies across the globe. BootStrapToday has given a good thought at the project management processes in various Software companies and brings some interesting…


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Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing Project Management Software

Recently, the LiquidPlanner team took some time and conducted in-depth interviews with nearly 40 of our most active customers. We asked a lot of questions and heard some great success stories. One thing quickly became clear: the method you use to roll out a new tool can make or break its adoption on a team.

So what made these teams successful? They each avoided most (or all) of the pitfalls below when introducing project management… Continue

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How can management create the right conditions for an organization’s projects? OrganizationThe management has to organize the project activities in an appropriate way. The projects can either belong …

How can management create the right conditions for an organization’s projects?


The management has to organize the project activities in an appropriate way. The projects can either belong to different organizational unities, or be assembled in one single project office. The organizational connection can be of a project, line or matrix organization.


The management must create an infrastructure to support…


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Two companies out of three fail in their projects

In the autumn of 2007 KPMG, the global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services, performed an inquiry among 96 Swedish companies with ongoing project activities, and observed that most of them failed in their projects.

Jim Beutler at 3p International investigated some less successful projects a bit further and observed, as KPMG, that failed projects principally are the result of “idleness”, i.e. the projects and project members don’t get enough…


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Applying Agile Principles to Embedded Systems Projects

Original post can be found…

Added by Elmer Dela Cruz on May 31, 2010 at 6:54am — 2 Comments

Waterfall, RUP and Agile: Which is Right for You?

Despite signs of life in the economy, the realities of software development persist. Most companies and customers need their software yesterday with the most advanced features at the lowest possible cost. To accomplish these seemingly contradictory goals, developers seek to streamline production with fast, effective processes that can give the customer what he/she wants in the shortest time possible.

These realities and past development failures have led to a shift in software… Continue

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Discover the Secret Ingredient used by Successful Business Professionals in closing more deals

Why do some Business Professionals perform better than others? Do you want to be know as a "Successful Business Woman/Man"? I bet - YOU DO.

The Success Formula used by successful business professionals is the way in which they Build their Prospect Lists. Online Lead Generation is the latest trend used by business professionals. They hunt for prospects, do in-depth research on them and finally approach them. The easiest way to build prospect lists is by… Continue

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11 Critical Considerations for Managing Outsourcing Projects

Both private and public service sector organizations face an ongoing challenge to determine whether functions should be performed internally or externally. While much is written about how to make this decision from an organizational strategic perspective, there are few guidelines for the project manager to use during the initiation and planning phases. Outsourcing is not always as… Continue

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7 Things You Need to Know About Development Project Estimations

Whether you are a project manager planning for a smooth implementation of a plan or a project sponsor on whose decisions a project depends, you cannot escape from the fact that project estimation is essential to its success. In the first place, there are three basic requirements that a project must satisfy: schedule, budget, and quality. The need to work within… Continue

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Managing Large Projects with Ease: 9 Pressure Reducers That Work

Managing large software projects can be quite difficult under the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, individuals with limited or no experience often rely on survival tips from more experienced co-workers and other individuals in-the-know.

This article focuses on nine helpful tips that will undoubtedly improve your software project management experiences. The tips themselves originate from Washington DC-based Robert E. Bone, an expert who has an impressive twenty-eight years of IT… Continue

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