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The Agile Transition: Scrum Master vs. Project Manager

Making an Agile transition is a full on organizational change. Workflows, processes and even team roles need to be adjusted. However, all of it can be tricky as well. Understanding the key roles of Scrum often has a direct effect on the methodology…


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Things To Learn From Most Project Managers

It is a fact that every firm requires a great project manager. A project manager doesn’t only responsible for planning and execution of a particular project, but also liable to inspire the employee through wisdom.

Management is something beyond than directing; it’s an art. It’s never an easy task, especially these days when the world has become a global village and project managers have to deal with the transcultural environment. Here is a list of…


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5 Ways to Become an eCommerce Project Manager

The future of business is through E Commerce as most of the companies now do business online as it has a number of advantages as compared to the traditional way of doing business. The role of a project manager is of great importance for companies indulged in eCommerce. If you are also planning to become an eCommerce project manager, this blog will teach you how to become one in 5 simple ways.

1. Brush up your Web Design…


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A Few Organizing Concepts for Project Management and Innovation in Developing New Nuclear Reactor Technologies

When it comes to nuclear reactor technologies, a developer doesn’t just pick one off the shelf and begin work, even if there are decades of basic R&D behind it. A commercial enterprise has to look forward, not backwards, towards developing something that will sell to customers.

Andy Tasker, a principal in Stone Equity Capital, Cleveland, Ohio, initiated the idea for…


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6 Fundamental Aspects of Project Management That Makes It Unique and Challenging

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an upfront question: “Project management unique in which category?”  Most of us know definition of project- as stated by PMBoK™. The answer is: There are certain aspects that set project management different from all other management activities. The other management activities can be managing routine things, conducting class, organizing training or workshop floor activities. Let’s look at which things separates…


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5 Steps to Build Confidence in Your Team Members

In a previous post, 5 Tips to Build Confidence in Yourself As a Project Manager, we looked at how to build confidence in ourselves. In this post we change the focus and look at how to build confidence in others.…


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Organizations Can Smoothly Work From Their Virtual Offices Through a Project Management System

Maintaining an office premises calls for heavy monetary investment as well as engages a number of employees and officials in doing nonproductive tasks.…


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PMP® Exam Lessons Learned From Those Who Have Been There

By Amar Roy, PMP and Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

Are you considering studying for and obtaining your Project Management Professional (PMP)®Certification? Are you wondering what study tools and methods others have used successfully? Are you interested in reading about the exam experiences of those who have recently passed the PMP® Exam? Then there is a forum you should check out on The PM PrepCast website. All of…


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The Importance of Failing Productively

I recently attended the APM (Association for Project Management) yearly conference in London. The overarching theme was Adapt, and called on the project management profession to adapt its thinking to address the increasing expectations of society – a society that has a growing intolerance to failure and expects all projects to succeed.

fail productively

One of the most…


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Infographic: 4 Lessons in Project Management from the Renaissance

Today’s projects don’t typically take 120 years to finish, and leadership doesn’t usually come in the form of a royal couple whose organization is a European country. But that was the Renaissance for you.

Still, history has its persevering way of giving us wisdom for the ages. Here are 4 epic renaissance projects and partnerships — and the lessons they model for our 21st century projects.…


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Asana - what has been forgotten to implement for $40 million

It's always interesting to discuss about products, which have all the luck of popularity among users and trust from investors - this clearly says about the quality.

Sure, along with numerous good points Asana has some disadvantages, and some of them are important.

The first problem relates to invisibility of issues' structure and it doesn't allow…


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askcow - project management tool of new generation

Meet askcow - cutting-edge groupware for agile management

If someone would try to count existing project management services, he would hardly finish this task in an hour. But only few of listed services are good enough and up-to-date - technology develops very fast, and a product, which was perfect few years ago now becomes obsolete. …


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Project Managers are Solution Partners

A project manager agrees to manage a technical project that was two years old and had two previous project managers.  Given repeated failures and lack of progress, the assigned engineering team had little faith that the new project manager would make a difference.  But the project had the attention of the executive steering committee and canceling it was not an option.  So the project manager went on a mission to turn things around, and discovered that disruptions and other work requests…


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Who Are the Top Thinkers in Project Management Today?

Project management is currently undergoing its own Cambrian era, the geological period some 500 million years ago in which an epic explosion in diversity and transformation took place.  Whereas just a decade ago there were only a handful of robust desktop project management applications available in the market, there are now dozens (if not hundreds) of products available on the desktop, online, and on mobile devices.

Likewise, the Web has enabled more voices to contribute to the…


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More Career Opportunities With Construction Project Management Courses

Construction project management on the other hand refers to managing projects in the area of the construction industry. As a project manager, a person is expected to handle the various processes involved in construction project management. Because the role is quite specific, project managers can perform better if he enrolls in various construction project management courses.

The internet has made it easier to get an online…


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Questions & Answers for the PMP Exam

The Questions & Answers for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam is now available for download at .

If you are already a subscriber of The Free PM PrepCast, you will get this for free…


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Project Progress Tracking With Statistical Process Control: Early warning of a late finish

This post is to present and discuss Project Progress Charting using principles of statistical process control for managing time-critical projects that simply "must" finish as planned. The progress chart compares actual progress to planned progress as does EVM tracking, but unlike EVM tracking, Progress charts also provide early warning of a likely late finish.

The Project Management Control Chart distinguishes between minor schedule slips and problems that call for serious…


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Early Warning Signs of a Project in Trouble

By Christopher Scordo (PMP, ITIL) of 

Ever had a favorite football jersey which was starting to come apart after years of wear and tear?  You picked at the seam occasionally; only to find that one day, your jersey has unravelled completely.  This is what it feels like to have a project you are in charge of spin out of control.  Of course, if you had just taken a few minutes…


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Project Management Lessons Learned in the Kitchen

When you encounter a great project manager, you usually know it. They typically have a sense of calm because they understand deeply what’s going on in their projects, and they have confidence in their ability to address issues, risks, and opportunities as they come up.

Now, let me change just two words: 

When you encounter a great cook, you usually know it. They typically have a sense of calm because they understand deeply what’s going…


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10 Mistakes Which are Common in Project Management

Christopher Scordo (PMP, ITIL) is a published author and Managing Director of SSI Logic (, owners of the popular PMP training website, PMPerfect.  Visit PMPerfect for the latest on PMP exam prep, live online classes, and self-paced PMP courseware. 


“To err is human”, and project managers are no different when it comes to…


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