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Why do so many organisations and clients accept bad schedules?

The need for effective planning and scheduling has been recognised for well over 100 years. Projects fail when they overrun the allocated time and budget and overrunning on schedule is a great way to make sure you also overrun on cost.

The elements needed to enhance the probability of project success are also well known, starting with a skilled project manager and team, with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience.  The next layer of support to build success is making sure the…


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How to Get Your PMP Certification Using Four Study Techniques

If you are just beginning or are in the middle of studying for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam, you probably already know that in order to pass, you need to fully understand both A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013 and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Code of Ethics. You have probably spent some time thinking about the many study techniques available to you. In this article, I…


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The 7 Questions Every PMP Student SHOULD Ask Their Coach

In our previous article we discussed the 7 questions that most of our PMP Exam coaching students ask us as they start out their journey. However, over the years we have identified a second set of 7 questions - the questions students SHOULD be asking us but they don’t. Here they are:

1. What’s the most important brain dump or diagram to learn?

This is an easy question! It’s Table 3-1 in the PMBOK® Guide. This…


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Stakeholder’s Don’t Understand Numbers

Project controls processes and project reports are full of numbers and calculations and one would think that most project stakeholders, particularly senior managers, would see and understand the numbers in the same way.  Unfortunately resent research[1] suggests this is not the case – many people have real difficulty understanding and interpreting…


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The 7 Questions Every PMP Exam Student Asks Their Coach

When students start their Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam prep (for the first time, or again after having failed the exam), there are a number of questions that come up time and time again. In this article we share the top 7 questions that every student asks us in our role as their PMP exam coach. Whether you have a coach or not, knowing the answers will help you get started more quickly with your own exam preparations.

Let’s dive straight in with the first…


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Stop Throwing Money Away!

One of the hardest things to do is to stop wasting money and resources on a losing proposition, emotions, biases and focusing on simple but irrelevant measures can all lead to bad decisions.  A proper consideration of ‘sunk costs’ can help eliminate these ‘always wrong’ decisions. 

The fact you have spent several months and $thousands on a mission to accomplish something should not influence your thinking about expending more time and money (but it frequently does)! The past is past,…


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The Three R's You need for Your PMP Exam

As part of the process of preparing to take the Project Management Professional(PMP®) Exam you have most likely read about the use of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), Roles and Responsibilities, and the Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS). Each of these tools & techniques are discussed within A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013, the…


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Performance Management

Some organisations perform consistently well, others don’t!  This statement is true of all aspects of an organisation’s performance including its ability to manage projects and programs effectively. Consistent high performance in the creation of value from projects and programs certainly requires the technical capabilities to manage projects effectively (see more on the strategic management of projects); but technical…


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Are the days of MS Project numbered?

Using MS Project is a bit of a right of passage for most people that have done project management in an enterprise scale. While many have grizzled and grumbled about the application, for a long time it was really the only one that would allow you to do what you needed to get done. What made it worse was between 1998 and 2010, there had been little new in terms of functionality and user interface that made life easy. With 2010 (and 2013) with the development of Project Server, Microsoft has…


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PMI-ACP Exam Lessons from Those Who Have Been There

Are you thinking about studying for and obtaining the Project Management Institute® Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification? Are you wondering what study tools and methods others have used to successfully pass the PMI-ACP® Exam? Are you interested in reading about and learning from the exam experiences of those who have already passed the PMI-ACP Exam? Then there is a forum you should check out on The PMI-ACP Lessons…


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Make a Plan to Earn Your PDUs

As a Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential holder, you must earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years in order to maintain your certification status in good standing. Not obtaining the required 60 PDUs within your certification cycle will lead to your credential being suspended. That is the last thing you want to happen, but life being what it is, you probably have family commitments, work-  and social-organization…


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10 Reasons Flashcards Can Help You in PMP Exam Preparation

Studying for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam can be a long undertaking that at times may seem overwhelming. One known effective method for studying for the PMP Exam is using flashcards. Flashcards are compact, quick and easy to use study aids that typically cover one question, formula, or tidbit of information per card. Flashcards can be used just about anywhere; waiting in line, on the bus or train, or even when you just have a few moments between meetings. In this article,…


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Opposite of job dissatisfaction is not job satisfaction … what do you mean?

Reading endless research papers for my MBA may finally be paying off. I’m finding one or two gems. This one from Frederick Herzberg is one such article. He contends that dissatisfaction and satisfaction actually contends with two different human needs. First, being the nature to avoid pain from the environment, second being our drive and…


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The problem with CPM

Projects are routinely finishing late. Whilst many have no effective schedule controls a significant proportion do outlay significant amounts of money on scheduling software and people to operate the computer systems and still finish late.  The simple fact is most schedulers have no effect on the management of the projects they are working on - they are either there to comply with client specifications or to gather data for the ‘inevitable’ claims or both.

The problem with scheduling…


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“Espirit De Corps” The strategic Driver in Project Management

How the idea evolved into a concept??

I was invited by the Project Management Institute (Pearl City chapter) to be the guest speaker for one of their events on 30 May 2014 held at CMC Hyderabad.…


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What Exactly is the PMI-ACP Exam?

Have you been hearing coworkers talk about taking the Project Management Institute® Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®? Or have you been seeing the acronym PMI-ACP® more frequently? Has that left you wondering what exactly the PMI-ACP Exam is and if it is for you? Here we will look into what PMI-ACP means and provide you with information outlining the exam requirements, the exam content, and what you need to do to maintain your PMI-ACP…


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Why are so many projects set up to fail?

Project failure rates have remained steady for at least the last 30 years. Books’ Law was published in 1975[1], Cobbs Paradox was coined in 1995[2], project training and certifications have increased exponentially in the last decade, but projects are still routinely set up to fail. Is self delusion the root cause of this or are the failures caused by more deliberate deceptions? 

Everyone in Australia knows it takes a couple of hours at…


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PMP® Exam Lessons Learned From Someone Who Has Recently Passed

Is studying for and obtaining your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification one of your personal or career goals? Are you wondering about things such as where is a good place to start, what materials might be the most helpful in studying, or how many practice tests are just right or too many? Are you interested in the experiences and insights of those who have been there, were once also wondering many of the same things, and who have recently passed the PMP®…


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Systems Engineering techniques enhance programme delivery performance

Programme complexity seems to be ever-increasing.  Gone are the days of straightforward, single specialism IT or business change programmes.  Even that stalwart of the early 21st Century, the "IT-enabled change" programme seems relatively straightforward when compared to today's programmes.  Organisations now envisage encompassing IT, process and culture change, infrastructure improvements and product/service line enhancements within single initiatives. 

Technology both increases…


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Six Steps to Earning All Your PDUs

As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, the last thing you want to happen is to have your certification suspended. This happens if you do not earn the required 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) within your three-year recertification cycle. Often, once the stress of taking and passing the PMP® Exam is over, you step back into focusing on projects and other deadlines, and the need to earn PDUs is relegated to the back…


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