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I've Facts to Back My Allegations Against Reps

The tough-talking Lagos-based attorney, who offered a request to the home penultimate week, stated he isn't prepared to give on the situation.

What's your response to the accusation that you're plotting with some individuals to at the House of Representatives?

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With all due respect, it's quite insulting for many lawmakers who do not have democratic credentials whatsoever and haven't fought racial conflicts besides to rig elections in their constituencies to accuse a few of those who have set our own lives and liberties online from other to face the ills in the society of plotting to discredit the machine. It's degrading of my character, for this isn't the first time of taking people officers for a single misbehaviour and exemptions or another.

This is one from many of these conflicts. The simple fact is that gullible Nigerians are constantly in the habit of falling prey to such manufacturers of politicians that rather than tackle the facts in any particular situation accuse their challengers of fighting them restarting their downfall. It's an effort to score cheap points, and just the gullible Nigerians could collapse for these stories without appearing at the veracity of truth.

Inside this N3.2 billion car deal instance, the facts are extremely clear and simple; therefore the lawmakers can't hide beneath the shadow of across the other side of political vendetta.

They also alleged that the letter you addressed the direction of the home was made accessible to the press, before it got to them.


As soon as I delivered the letter to them, I sent it into the press since I understand that after I sent a secret letter to them, they could call it blackmail. Should you send a key letter on a significant issue contrary to public officials, they explain it as blackmail which indicates you're searching for something else maybe not the reality. When you've got details available regarding misbehaviour of a public officer, then it's excellent to create your letter available.

The main issue is that the content of the letter. However, you see, originally, I didn't accuse the House direction of misappropriation; I just wrote them pointing out all of the discrepancies and requesting an open minded explanation. However, since they were guilty of this offence, they acted and responded like people who have guilty conscience. They moved out addressing politics rather than the purpose of this circumstance, and proceeded on abusing me and by so doing, they exposed themselves the longer while neglecting to convince Nigerians that they didn't have a hand in what happened.

They're also of the opinion that the record that you tendered on the subject was given to you by the identical political components on their prowl.

That's a really humorous accusation to be produced on me personally. Everybody understands this isn't the first time that I am getting such critical documents. I had been arrested 10 decades back and charged to court for stealing police record on Tokunbo Afikuyomi; throughout the Bola Ige assassination saga, I was likewise billed to court for perjury, since Fryo reported I was the person who compelled him to say what he said, that I had on tapes. So, this isn't the first time that I am gaining access to specific vital documents which are stored from public domain.

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I, as a normal offender have access, in my own manner, to files concerning spending of public funds; I've access to public offices and once I put my hands on these records, I have to raise questions which was exactly what I did in this issue.

Truth concerning the record were already released on the September 22 edition of Newswatch magazine, the only issue is that Nigerians are too busy chasing their everyday bread, leaving these problems behind. It was once I saw the book which I picked up the issue and continued in where Newswatch left it. Therefore, individuals that are attempting to confuse the thing I was spoon-fed are only telling lies.

So far as I'm concerned, the direction of the home really participated in Bad transactions and they will need to describe Nigerians the way they did it. I'm saying this since these transactions aren't transparent and they have yet to be able to account to the Nigerian people each of the expenses they created with their money. The statistics presented on this car bargain didn't tally with what had been quoted and that which was ordered wasn't what was provided, it had been of a lesser grade paid instead of this one of the greater caliber. The gap was approximately N1.1 million each unit and they admitted it. Thus, in whose interest if they take part in this transaction with people money?

I'm near the real estate of the world and that I understand some political elements happen to be providing journalists money to kill the narrative. Should they have real claim on the topic, they should not have sought the security of their media, but come out and protect their deal with details.

I've been doing this in all of my press conferences, whether egocentric or those between public officers. It's an open affair, not completed to induce websites guys.

Just just how much are you speaking about?

I don't know.

What do all of the allegations against you signify for you?

They are searching for tactics to pay up their functions. The facts are there and everybody understands they're not addressing the truth on earth. But here, we've got the facts on earth even before I stepped to the topic, the one issue is that they needed everybody to stay quiet and enable them to continue with the business of stealing public money. Therefore, when folks take the challenge of them, they will search for all kinds of things to convey to discredit these individuals in addition to frighten them. However, all their antics won't dissuade me since I can't succumb to their own harassment.

I think that the time has arrived for Nigerians to ask fundamental questions about the way the resources of the nation have been flushed down the drain from our governmental leaders. So whatever claim they're making today, Nigerians understand much better, and I am all set to challenge each statement they're making against me of being sponsored. I will challenge it in the public courtroom, the court of legislation enforcement and anywhere possible.

Before you looked before the House Committee on Ethics past week, did you realize the experience could degenerate into a crying bout because it turned out?

Yes, I understand just what they are around; I just appeared before the committee to expose them before Nigerians and they did what I expected them to perform. You know, until I appeared before the committee, I'd written to them reminding them that I understand that it had been the Speaker's committee. I predicted it Speaker's committee since prior to the allegation of car deal came, the Speaker had forced the committee to manage the issue. It's assumed to become standing committee but he had it in your mind that the allegation was made against him so he made all of the members of this committee specifically to perform a yeoman's job for him. Soahead I was conscious of their scheming, and was prepared to allow them to descend into the arena of pity. Therefore, the allegations they're attempting to throw to compensate to their disgraceful showing won't endure, since Nigerians are abreast using their desperate plots to pay their tracts.

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What's your response to this development?

I'm still waiting for them to trouble me a writ of summons so I can show to them exactly what they are. It doesn't occur in the law court for an accused man to clean another accused individual.

You seem so bitter. Is this private?

I seem bitter because I'm representing the fantasies, aches and pains of hapless and helpless citizens of the nation, whose resources have been wasted while they wallow in unbelievable abject poverty. I'm not familiar with the degree of slipping on in the corridors of power and I've opted to pursue this noble origin of speaking out and fighting to the masses and nothing else will cause me to retrace my steps decrease my strides.

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