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In response to nominating software for use as storyboard development and shortcuts to presentations, I thought that I would mention using (and seeking) alternatives to differentiate my presentations from the common slide-style - it should be possible with this technology at our fingertips right?

Freemind and other mind mappers are excellent concept developers and describers. I am currently using MindMap simply because I can export to pictures, export to MS Project. It does provide a Presentation mode, that sequences node entries in the mind map, and allows links that either encapsulate or launch other applications (eg Excel, JIRA).

Anyone else like to sing praises or enlighten us about mind mappers or alternative tools?

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That sounds pretty cool. I would like to share a story I heard about from a friend and customer. The tool in the story is PoP Project, which has a visual layout (mindmap) of a project that allows drag drop planning. The story goes that a group of thirty people are in a late--second or third--release planning meeting when one of the new people to the group asked, "How can these pieces run in parallel?" referring to two releases. Here another member opened PoP Project's project mindmap and could bring the asker to the same page over the visual.

This story gives me a big smile because it really talks about the advantage of having a good picture of your project to meet over.


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