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I am a project manager working in the marketing and creative services department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I am part of a team that is researching project management software. I am reaching out to other industry experts for suggestions. What do you use in your office? What have you tried in the past?
·     Our needs include those of a small- to medium-sized advertising agency. We are interested in a software system that can support scheduling, timekeeping, billing, calendaring, project coordination via PDF's and email alerts internally and with clients.
·     The whole staff (45 people) will eventually use the new software for initial phases of completing creative briefs through time tracking, and invoicing. Our group includes print and web designers, editors, proofreaders, photographers, PR and media, project managers.
·     We complete at least 500 projects a year so we need something fairly robust. I am very interested in what you have used and if you have a favorite.

Thank you for your thoughts,

Denise Munn

Denise Munn
Project Manager
University Communications
University of Colorado at Boulder
584 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0584
T: 303-492-5134  F: 303-492-7828

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Hi Denise,

Making the right choice with software is sometimes a real challenge. What is important with PM is which methodology you want to use. This then reflects on your software selection process. In general, all project have 5-6 phases and all methodologies are mostly adopted to follow them. So if I say that in some companies it's a matter of personal decision, in others it's a logical one following the trend and the compatibility with the other software platforms.

If you start from a green field and want to build something new, than take your time. Collect as many thoughts from outside as you can, align with the budget and make sure you are able to support your solution afterward.

I wish you luck :)
Would you be open to multiple softwares or are you looking for one thing to do all of these things? Have you considered that 45 people will need to be trained in what you choose?

My (completely biased) suggestion is PoP Project (, which we are grooming to be the best in oversight over multiple projects and in collaboration within each project. While we don't have timekeeping, billing, and calendaring, (hence the question about multiple softwares), PoP Project is very stable, very easy, very secure (, very fast, web based (so no installing on 45 computers), and has been tested on real projects for some time now. We are going to be free for a little while longer so you can pilot something small on here to try it out with little more invested than time.


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