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I have my own opinion on this but I'm interested in the views of the masses here.
2 points for thought

1 - From a PM aspect is it more valuable to be Prince 2 certified via a week long intensive course or to have say an Open University qualification in Project Management that took 6 months?

2 - From a recrutiment aspect... which would you see as being more valuable in a applicant? Prince 2 certification, a generic PM qualification or Job experience?

Interested in your views.

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Depends on the company. Job experience would be more valuable to smaller companies. Larger companies would look for Prince/PMP certification.

In my opinion, a longer project management course would be more valuable than a week-long course that only teaches how to pass an exam. You would rather substitute some books and test material for the week-long course, and spend the money on the 6-month course.


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