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Hello you all

We have developing a new add on to MS Project. and wish to find some project manager to be in Beta Group.

are you a project manager using MS Project 2003 or 2007, but to update progress you have to walk around to each team-member weekly to ask How much % work they have left and then spend hours on filling your ms project with actual works manually ? 


Or If your team ask you to get a a license of MS Project, becuase they want to see the plan, but the license is to expensive to give each desktop a license ?  

As EPM developer I have seen the problems all over and the answer for many companies is MS Projectserver. But the pricing is very high and not every company can effort it.


We have developed an addon to ms project 2003/2007, which just solve this problem. and need some project manager to evaluate our software our new addon.


Short description, The addon Export the data of your msproject to a webbased MS project data server, your team logs in and insert hours in a timesheet with the assignment assigned to them and you import these hours back to your MS Project.


The team can also view your project on web-based projectviewer. They see exactly what you see on your MS Project.



If the above sound intersting please drop me an email.


Thx in advanced





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That sounds pretty cool, I know a lot of people who are still holding on to MS Project.


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