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What are the best places to look for project management work at the entry level? I have completed an online certification course and now am looking to start a career as a project manager, but find that most postings require a fair amount of work experience. Any input would be appreciated.

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You can start by volunteering with any of your local organizations; non-profit or your local YMCA.  You then apply the principles of project management in the volunteer work you are doing.  You will not be able to use all the knowledge areas but I am sure you will be able to use the three project constraints; schedule, cost and quality.

Being certified as a PM is possible when you have previous related 7000 or 4500 PM experience..YMCA is a great way to begin to volunteer and gain the experience for someone who has no past PM experience except formal PM education. I believe companies with positions as PM coordinator entry level will be good start. 


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