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What are the research topics you think will be the most critical in the current day to enhance project management as a discipline and profession? Most importantly, the research outputs need to have contributions to the practitioners and could be implemented to the real world.

PMI has completed a number of PM research studies and just to pick a few:

- Governance Frameworks for Public Project Development and Estimation
- Understanding Decision Making Within Distributed Project Teams
- Exploring the Complexity of Projects: Implications of Complexity Theory for Project Management Practice
- Software Cost Estimation Through Market Trading:  An Exploratory Study of a New Tool for Project Management:  Available only to PMI members
- Researching the Value of Project Management
- Situational Sponsorship of Projects and Programs: An Empirical Review
- Human Resource Management in the Project-Oriented Organization
- Linking Project Management to Business Strategy

Welcome any suggestions to link academic project management research to the business and industry.

Best regards,

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hi Anthony

I'm interested in research relating to Complexity Theory for project management practice, and how this might link to the real world. Is this something you are involved in at the moment? I'd appreciate any pointers to areas where relevant work is going on. 


regards Trish


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