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Fellow PMPs and Marketing Professionals, 


Many agencies are beginning to realize the importance of controlling triple constraints for projects. Now, more than ever, clients are demanding their contractors to stay on schedule and avoid cost overruns.  Unfortunately, many of these agencies have marketing expertise but lack strong PM skills and competencies.  This presents a golden opportunity for PMs to market themselves to these agencies.  PM consultants can make a lot of $$$ providing strategic counsel and educating agency personnel on PM principles via trainings and webinars.


With respect to the public sector, the Obama administration is actively seeking ways to reduce inefficiencies and save billions that can be reappropriated to more important domestic projects (i.e. healthcare, education). OMB is now requiring some agencies to have a PMP serve as project director or PM for certain projects. Agencies are particulary interested to learn more about quality, risk and communication management.


If you would like to learn more and/or are interested to market yourself to these agencies, send me an email to or visit or find me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @outwardmktg.


I'd be more than happy to provide you with more information.


Carpe diem!


Outward Marketing

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