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Which are the trending project management apps in 2017?

What are trends of project management in 2017 in terms of tools?

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ProofHub is the great project management and collaboration tool. ProofHub is a SaaS based project management software that comes with integrated Group chat, quick Discussions on projects, Workflows and boards, Project reports and many more powerful features. It enables teams to collaborate and communicate over projects in an easy and flexible manner from one place,  and is also available for both Android and iOS operating systems; making it easy for even remote teams to stay connected. Plus, you also get a free 30-day trial before going for the paid version.

Take a look at

New tools keep on coming I started using TaskQue in 2016 for managing my team and assigning them tasks remotely, I am still using it and very much satisfied because it offers amazing features such as assigning tasks to groups and checking summary of projects for having a bird view about how the project is doing. It is totally free till members and then if somebody wants to add more members then it only costs $5 per member, I still cherish that I found it because it saves me a great deal of time, on the other hand I can also allow my team to work remotely and keep me updated all the times.

There are many tools on the market these days and the trend really depends on what you are looking for. 

For the Agile project management software category, I would point out Eylean Board. A solution developed by us is visual, easy to use and fulfills all the project management needs.

Hi, Earlier I use Proofhub and Asana, both are good,but recently I started using one more tool named FindNerd Project Management Tool which is now considered as one of the best Free Project Management Tools that comes with integrated features like Group Chats, Track Time, Capture Screenshots, Collaborate with Team and across Company, Analyze Productivity, Availability, ROI and many more. It has an array of features that simplifies the way you manage your projects and run your teams.

The industry has evolved a lot in recent years. There was a time when you had pay thousands of dollars for this kind of tools. But now it's time for free project management tools. I am using Fluxes which a completely free web based team collaboration and project management tool. This tool is definitely a new trend since it has more features than paid ones.  


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