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I'm want to get a certification. Which one should I take? IPMA or PMP? What is different between them and which one is best?

Bets regards
Amir M. Salehi

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Hi Trevor,

I totally agree with your comment on this. Well done on a great explanation.

Hi Tom,
Just some further on asapm as it's not really clear on the website -
asapm was started by several former (and current) members of PMI, some of whom were members of the Board of Directors and were instrumental not only in creating the PMP, but also in writing the PMBoK Guide.
Having read the posts, I must concur, when in Rome, one does at the Romans do.

In the US, PMI is the defacto standard. That's probably why I never heard of IPMA. So, if the requirements in Denmark are for IPMA and you have no intention of leaving Denmark, I would go for the IPMA.

Best of luck to you,


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