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In episode 160 of The PM Podcast ( we hear interviews with staffing experts Tim Tyrell-Smith, Melanie McCarty and Jack Molisani and they give us their top job search secrets for Project Managers. Here is one from each of them:

Tim Tyrell-Smith recommends that you try and be in your best possible mindset when doing job search, Melanie McCarty reveals that job searcher who give her a personal call get better attention so she says that you should always call after sending off your resume and Jack Molisani's #1 secret is to make sure that your resume and cover letter don't have any spelling errors. (Listen to the full episode to hear all their tips as well as my remarks).

My question for you: I bet that there are many PMs out there who are currently searching for a job, so I would like all those of you who were successful in finding a job to please share your secrets with us here. What did you do that made you stand out in your job search and landed you "the job"?

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