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Hi all, 

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I've been increasingly grumpy lately about the number of people who are taking polarized views of delivery frameworks and insisting that 'their' way is the right way. 

Whilst it is great to see so much passion about delivery approaches, it is important that we don't let such biases cloud our judgement. There are many ways to deliver a project and experienced PMs should be able to select the best tools for the job - be they from the Guide to the PMBoK, from the Prince 2 methodology or from one of the many Agile frameworks. I would expect PMs to understand the differences between approaches and the relative merits of each. Crucially, I would expect them to be able to mix and match to develop customized approaches for each of their projects. If our projects are unique, shouldn't it follow that our approaches should be tailored to each? 

PMOs need to rise above the debate too, creating flexible lifecycles for project delivery whilst adopting the best of what operational teams have to offer in terms of repeatability and efficiency. I've included some more thoughts on the Waterfall vs Agile debate here.

What do you think? 

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