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I work as a (technical) project manager in an IT company producing enterprise software for governments.

Part of my job is, one side, interfacing with the client and planning together with them (our projects require much interaction and knowledge transfer with the client) and on the other hand I follow the work of up to 5 teams (interfacing mostly with the team leaders, but also with the developers).

I have to make daily decisions of prioritization and also of IT solutions. Helping me I have one or two business analysts, but ultimately I am the one making the decisions and, at least internally, steering the project. I do delegate (it's important), but I want to be able to decide what I delegate and to whom (I guess I don't mind being responsible, but, if I am, I want to be in control)

Now the question:

while I do like working in the way I described, having most of the responsibility, when I read sometimes the descriptions of other PM positions, they don't seem quite to fit with what I do. I'm looking around for another job and I would like to know if there any special keywords or industries where I could more easily find positions like the one I hold now.

I'm sorry if it sounds like a naive question, but, like i said, looking at the PM positions advertised out there, I cannot quite see similar jobs to the one I currently have and I think I'm looking int the wrong place.

I hope someone can shed some light and help me out.
Thank you in advance!

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