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With today's urge to fight climate change many companies and governments are turning their heads towards sustainable practices to reduce GHG emissions and at the same time make their processes more efficient. As a result, new projects have been engaged to become part of the change and prepare for the new challenges for this century. Projects are to be done by capable and experienced professionals (PMP), but there is still a knowledge gap regarding sustainability, its meaning, benefits and so.

Now, as a young professional with a taste for Project Management (still preparing for PMP certification) and a current Master in Sustainable Energy course in Australia I'm having this idea to become a Sustainable PMP. This would mean, in a very broad way, to try bringing a balance between economic, social and environmental concerns when developing any project.

Is it possible and/or convenient to clash PMP methodologies with sustainability principles? Would PMI care about this idea? Do you find it interesting and convenient for any PMP?


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