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Hi there,

Can someone recommend a software program / tool which can be used for scheduling resources in a engineering construction company where resources are scheduled and rescheduled depending on the project requirements. Scheduling resources by using traditional methods such as paper pencil or excel sheet is a bit difficult therefore i need a software which can easily do these tasks, and  is   is efficient in providing detailed resource reports. Any suggestion or anyone facing same kind of issue ? Please reply.

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Hi Nancy, We provide project management/resource management software.  It's called TeamHeadquarters and it may make sense to get together to discuss it.


You can reach me in the USA and Canada at 888-368-7908 x 707

Hello Nancy, 

I am also managing resources for my construction company. I had a similar problem as most of our resources are also located in multiple offices across different countries. I consulted a software expert and he advised me to go with eResource Scheduler. I went for the trial and found that the software had everything i needed. The feature i liked the most had to be its reporting features, the reports were detailed and well organized. If you were to take my advice, go for the trial. You would find more details on their website.


Thanks for replying me back from your busy schedule. I would like to know about the features of the software and what are the hardware requirements for the same.

Hey Nancy, 

Features of eresource scheduler are drag & drop scheduling, Scheduling Chart, Booking Chart, Timesheet, Utilization Report and many more.

You can check more features of eresource scheduler on this page.

Hi, Nancy -

Unanet web-based Resource Management software delivers a complete resource scheduling solution to help you optimize your critical resources, while forecasting future revenues and costs, and planning capacity. Request resources for future workload planning and staffing, define skills and competencies, and search to find the resource which best fits the need based on availability and capability.


I would be happy to further discuss your requirements and see if Unanet is a good fit for you. 





You should try Saviom resource planning software. It has a visual booking chart where you can easily drag and drop and change different bookings against different resources. It also has detailed resource reports where you can add as many fields and information types for your resources as you want.

Hi Nancy, we've just launched a brand new web app called Resource Guru - It's a fast, simple way to schedule people, equipment and other resources online. The idea behind the app is to help companies become more efficient and more profitable. We're getting a great response from the creative agency world and beyond! It only takes a few seconds to sign up and there's a 30-day free trial. Please give it a try :)


I would like to watch some videos of the product, i didn't found it on your website.


Hi Nancy, we are still working on our video. In the meantime, there is quite a lot of info in our features section at Hope that helps. The other thing you could do is sign up and try it out - it only takes a few seconds to set up an account. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hey Nancy, 

You can check videos of eresource scheduler on this page.

This will give you an insight view of this product.

Hey Ted,

I visited the link, the company Enbraun has done a good job. Their product eresource scheduler have some good features and out of all i like drag & drop scheduling and import/export of data to spreadsheets which i think is the most important. Thanks a lot david for introducing this valuable software product.

Hi Nanacy,

We offer a complete PPM solution that includes resource planning. It is a web solution. You can contact me at (781) 898-8857.



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