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We're currently using a software for logging tasks. But the problem is that there's no resource tracking, or something like the way we wanted it to be. For instance, if I assign a person 4 hours for this day, other PM shouldn't be able to assign a task more than 4 hours of work because we only have 8 hour work day. Is there a tool for this? We're thinking of collaboration/tasking tool, preferably web-based app.

For the resource management issue, we're sharing spreadsheet. But we have about 40 employees so it's really hard maintain/manage.

Thank you.

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With 10+ years of PM experience, I have worked with ABC Workbench (now Niku Workbench), Microsoft Project, and thirty-copies-of-an-Excel-on-the-shared-drive. The solution I like best is called OpenAir (, which bills itself as 'a professional services automation' (PSA) suite. [I should note that I have no affiliation with the company & have no vested interest in recommending OpenAir.]

Despite its slightly bloodless product name, OpenAir offers project and resource management, basic financials, and the ability to import/export project data to your CIO's favorite app. It is web-based. Customer support is excellent (you won't find yourself talking to someone in Bangalore who insists his name is "Robert"), and it comes with pre-packaged reports you can use or customize as needed.

I do not know the current pricing structure for OpenAir but, if used properly, it could move you light years ahead of where you are now.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also used free/stand-alone version of Workbench. I think Workbench is the best if only I can use the client-server version which allows the users to share information between projects especially the resources. I also used Microsoft Project and OpenProject.

I had a quick look at their site but I wasn't able to get the price. I can't find it here as well --

Thanks again.

Thanks Ted and David. I'll check it out.

Have you heard of IBM's Rational Portfolio Manager? What do you think of it?

Hi Brian, we've just launched a brand new web app called Resource Guru - It's a fast, simple way to schedule people, equipment and other resources online. The idea behind the app is to help companies become more efficient and more profitable. We're getting a great response from the creative agency world and beyond! It only takes a few seconds to sign up and there's a 30-day free trial. Give it a try :)

Hi Brian,

We provide a comprehensive PPM tool with many unique features. it is easy to use and manage and it can be deployed in a short period of time. It is a web based application.

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