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“Receive a Lean Certificate: Complete a free online LEAN THINKING course”

Do you think that professionals in your industry would be more marketable if they had basic Lean Thinking skills? If you do, consider this free and comprehensive online course: (6 months to complete)


To register

A - Go to

B – (Don’t be alarmed by the $399 cost, it’s FREE) Important – delete DEFAULT and insert LEANTPS in the coupon code field.

C- Fill in all other information, then click on CONTINUE


These principles can be applied to every business sector including but not restricted to: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, Education, Retail, Non-profit, Offices, Financial, HR,  Construction, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Technology, Energy, Engineering, Industrial Design, Staffing & Recruiting etc.

If you think this course would help others in your professional network or other LinkedIn groups please share this information with them.


Please ask any questions that you may have.


Best Regards,


James Bond

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is tht if we give $ 39 we receive our certificate 


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